Get it now or wait a few months?

#1 Posted by jmrwacko (2443 posts) -

I'm pretty set on getting this game, but I don't want to buy another buggy disaster like I did with Empire: Total War. Should I wait a couple of months until the bugs are ironed out and some mods are released, or buy it now? I feel like buying Empire: Total War on launch day sort of spoiled the experience for me because the game was plain unfinished... is it the same way with ArmA II?

#2 Posted by SolidestChimp (155 posts) -

am holding out for a few months 1. bugs will get found and fixed 2. i might get it cheaper :P

#3 Posted by dwakley (29 posts) -

It is full of bugs still and is in need of some serious optimization.  Unless your a huge fan I would wait.

#4 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

The developers have a great track record for after-shipping support and the game is definitely nowhere near worth the money in its present state. Get it in a few months when it's discounted and in top form.

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