Getting High CPU Temperature Playing DayZ. Anyone else?

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I'm not good with the technical aspects of computers and their systems, so this is where a friendly Giant Bomber would be helpful. I got a notification saying that my CPU was running around ~75 degrees Celsius. I've never had this notification pop up before, playing any other game. Is this just something on my end, or has anyone else experienced overheating while playing Arma2? 

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Not really. Some games just tax systems differently, take Diablo 3 as a great example. My overclocked 2500k runs at about 35c when I run Day Z, but I have a nice case and CPU fan.

If these temperatures are not normal it makes me want to ask how old your CPU is? I say that because every couple of years you should take the CPU fan/ heatsink off the mainboard, clean it off, then reapply thermal paste. You should also check your PC to see if there is any dust lurking about. From my experience, dust clogs up heatsinks and prevents proper thermal dispersion. Nothing kills a PC quicker than a dusty interior.

If those two plans don't change anything, then maybe you should look into an aftermarket cooler.

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@MonetaryDread: I got this PC about this time last year. I'll check the inside and see what the dust situation is.
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When I play DayZ it seems to make my pc spit out a low memory error. Only time I have seen that happen.

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I was having those problems with my old video card because the fans were worn out. I had never cleaned the thing, so it couldn't exhaust properly. Unfortunately, it ended up being so far gone that cleaning didn't even help it. I just had to get an entirely new card.

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I'm not sure which CPU you're running but it probably shouldn't even hit 75C during a 24 hour stress test under full load. You may have a bad fan or your fan may need to be reseated onto the CPU.

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wow that's hot.

Mine has peaked at 34 celcius, that was after about 3hrs of DayZ with all settings max.

Do you have a temperature display on the case?

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@RandomHero666: No, but I have a temperature program. I jacked up the fan speed and I haven't gotten anything above 50 degree Celsius. 
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When I built my current build, I decided to strap on not one but two fans to pump air into that 2500k. If your CPU cooler supports this, I recommend it highly. My 6870, on the other hand, gets pretty toasty in the summer time, so i've been forced to crank up the fan speed to the 60-65% range when playing depending games such as ARMA.

Strap it on.

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You can use coretemp to monitoring your cpu temp:

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