How do i make ARMA 2 better?

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I went out on a limb and snagged it on sale for $9.99 mostly due to major hype on the PCGamer podcast.  I tried the demo and i can happily say the full game is better but still lacking. 
I hear you can get user made performance fixes (hopefully one for flying)
What are the recommended mods out there for improving the experience in your opinion.
Yes i did Google search and i know of Armaholics but can't really get a clear focus on what i need there.
Any ideas?

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Well i just learned flying and driving  is actually way easier with a 360 controller.... scandalous!

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You don't play it.

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360 controllers are good for a lot of things like that.  It's just unfortunate that shooting isn't one of them.

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@Tairoku said:
" You don't play it. "
@fentonalpha:  I hear ACE2 mod makes the game even more realistic and stuff, I'd try it out.
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As said above, ACE 2 mod is the best thing to get. It adds a lot of extra functions. 
Perifpherilaslslslsa (or whaterver they are) 
TrackIR is a head tracking device that apparently works really well with arma (look it up) 
If you don't know what to do you might want to check out   (it's a massive guide, I've found it quite usefull).

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