Question about Shacktac?

#1 Posted by Rocospi (267 posts) -

I was just wondering if anyone has any insider opinions about Shacktac. I've heard about them and read their site, but I just wanted to know what the general atmosphere of their community is like. Are they really demanding on your time?

I wanted to see if they are strict or relaxed, but yet still play tactically.


#2 Posted by Skyrider (407 posts) -

Well, considering one of their members, CHKilroy, gets to act like this:

I'd say that it would be safe to assume that they're pretty relaxed (granted, it's worth noting that although he is incredibly silly at times, he still follows orders and plays seriously). I'm not a member of their community, so I wouldn't mind some inside info either, haha. Just from reading their website it's clear that they're not looking for people who just want to pop in every now and then to play. I'm still struggling to show up to GB community game nights, so I'm probably not cut out for it.

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