Shittest Game For 2009

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Sure, it's praised for it's so-called realism and graphics but I've beginning to think half of the reviews are either stupid are on crack.
After installation, I jumped right into boot camp and my GOD this game sucks so much, it literally makes me want to puke. The movement controls are so clunky that it makes movement difficult and frustrating. The ai voices are so shit - they hired amateurs for it. Who gives a Caucasian voice to a black character? The animation (ai movement, gun reload, weapon switching) and effects is depressing, like something they pulled out of a 2001 game with just better graphics. Lastly, I doubt the game's realism is good enough to stick around for.
Bad Company can shit on this game any day.

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The voice acting isn't the point of the game. The animation is fine. I can agree with the controls being a bit complicated, but the game is more of a simulator in the vein of IL-2 Sturmovik and GT5, not Bad Company 2, and of course the controls will be a bit strange when you need keybinds for salutes, 2 different kinds of sitting and all that. The game isn't bad, it's just not for everyone.

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It's a military sim, not an action game. 

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