The Blair David Project of DayZ: A Cautionary Tale

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So while tromping around in the dark forests of DayZ with the boys, the most peculiar thing happened. I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence in DayZ, and I realize that DayZ is still in it's infancy, but I'm just putting this out there as a warning:

If you see a David, shoot them on "sight."

Has anyone else had this happen to them or know what's causing it? I'm a little more hesitant to play when I know there may be invisible players running around. Also, even though it was night, the server setting allowed player names to show when the reticle was moused over them, which is why we couldn't figure out how this was happening since "nobody" was around us.

We also have potty mouths since we're confused and somewhat alarmed.

(courtesy of my battle buddies Josh/Church877 Gage/xGBxLEGENDARY)

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The creepy music isn't helping me not feel freaked out.

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Heh, you should've been there O_o

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@Grimhild: That... was... awesome! xD.

Freaky stuff man.... kinda wished you guys stayed and found out what was going on - but I know it's such a bummer to lose your stuff if something happened :(.

It's like you got Dark Souls in your DayZ.

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Yeah, credit goes to Gage for making the video since he was the one recording, and he does a good job editing his videos of our adventures (The one of him and Josh on the bikes is pretty hilarious lol)

It was really after the fact that we figured out that David was invisible, since he had been asking questions for the past couple of hours, but we didn't know he was talking to us since we didn't see him around. And random, trivial items seemed to be vanishing out of our backpack every half hour or so. Basically, he had been shadowing us the whole time and we had no idea. And then, as shown in the video, when my legs inexplicably broke out from underneath me, he starts saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," in chat.

Losing the supplies wouldn't have annoyed me so much if it wasn't due to a bug, but Josh and Gage just grabbed most of it off my body before I capped myself. I got it back later though.

So far DayZ is tons o' fun, but that bug is really a problem, since it allows people to go around killing others uncontested. Hope they fix it soon.

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I wonder if that David guy knew he was bugged out... had to have known right? He was stealing all your guys' stuff.

It was kinda funny and scary though, from an outsider's perspective. Especially with the overlays Gage put on the video... made for some eerie effect... seriously seemed like something out of a movie. That "click click... click click..." part was especially scary.

I wish I had the cojones to try this mod out... I just hate the feeling that you could be betrayed at any moment.

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It's too bad Gage wasn't recording when we first ran into Jeff in the Rog. I was watching the stairs up to the tower we were in, and out of nowhere there was a face staring at me from 2 feet away. I freaked out baaaaad. The whole night was scary as hell and fun as hell!

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I don't think he knew at first, because some of his messages implied that he was confused as to why we were completely oblivious to him, even though he never directly named any of us. I think he might have figured it out later and became a bit of a dick about it.

And yeah, it's pretty funny in retrospect, but at the time it was very weird, confusing and frustrating.

As far as getting betrayed, Josh, Gage and myself have been gaming together for a pretty long time now, so it's really a non-issue. And sometimes Josh's brother Mike plays as well so we'll have a solid group of four. It's been working out pretty well so far. We usually don't deal with the other players that much; if we see them from a distance, we'll remain hidden and watch and only engage them if they're within 100 yards or so with their gun drawn at us. If we happen to sneak up on someone, we'll say "friendly" and they'll either trade or run since they already have 3 or 4 guns trained on them. It's also fun running through the woods at night with a Josh and a Mike, just to allude to the Blair Witch comparison again lol



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Beware the Dave

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Yeah! He's a invisible asshole!

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Wow, that was pretty eery. I want to play DayZ, but I don't want to do it alone anymore.

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