Regular bi-weekly COOP session with ACRE

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Starting this Saturday (Jan 18) I’m going to start hosting a bi-weekly ARMA III session at 12:00pm (PST) with ACRE and MCC Mission Editor mods. I’m hoping that having a regular, organized, event will bring a few of you out for some fun. Everyone is welcome, but there are a few expectations. The type of gameplay will be “tacticasual”.

Players should be roleplaying. If you choose to be the squad leader, you should be leading the squad. If you’re not the squad leader, you should be following orders. If you’re the medic, you don’t take point. If you’re the AR, you provide overwatch and suppression. If you’re AT, save your missiles for hard targets. Lone wolf and rambo play styles aren’t welcome. Keep radio chatter focused and save goofing off for direct communication within your squad. Gameplay will be challenging so don’t expect to have a full arsenal at your disposal.

If you're not already in the Giant Bomb PC Gaming Hub group on steam, you should sign up so you can get notified of the event:

ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Mod

If you’re unfamiliar with ACRE, it is a radio mod that provides another layer of gameplay immersion. It allows for communication within and between squads without everyone having to be in the same VOIP channel.

You must have Teamspeak 3 installed to run ACRE (

Download this and follow the instructions in the README to install the ACRE mod.

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If I'm home around that time that would be a lot of fun. I kind of got back into the game (playing the campaign) and I'm having fun with it.

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