Arma Devs Released from Prison in Greece

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Polygon spoke to the Devs of Arma that we imprisoned in Greece for i believe being accused of "espionage"

when actually they were on just a holiday due to that summer being of a hectic time for them. ,

"We went just to a holiday on which we planned to enjoy the beauty of the island which has been our source of inspiration for more than two years, taste some Greek food and wine (which both was really good) and swim a bit (beaches and sea were awesome.)"

and the devs recount their experiences being imprisoned for 129 days, really fascinating story of how they were just on a vacation seeing the sites, and then the police guard picked them up looked at their camera deemed 7 of their photos as problematic as it apparently was photos of some greek military installments on the island, and how they were informed by their lawyer that if the charges stick , they could face up to 20 years in prison.

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