wait if hes dead then .....

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why the hell is he in dark reserection and  in tekken 6 ? has something happened with him storywise that i dont know about or did they just think he was a good  fighter so they got him back and to hell with the consequences

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#2 Posted by Orange_Pork (684 posts) -

It's a different dude. There are 2 Kings and 2 Armor Kings so far, 3 if you count Marduk.

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Hmm yea I guess when you beat the game with Armor King, you pass by King and he asks, "Hey wait a minute who are you?!" Armor King then pulls a jumping suplex on King. 
So does King #2 know that Armor King #1 is dead? I don't follow the Tekken storylines just was curious.

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I know because this armor king is the younger brother of the original armor king  and he wants revenge at Marduk for killing his brother

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