S rank every hard

#1 Posted by Wolswor (247 posts) -

Damn, I'm so close I'm stuck on the ice breaker defending mission, that's the only one. Has anyone else gotten S ranks on every hard?

#2 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

I could never beat it.

#3 Posted by Wolswor (247 posts) -

which one? The ice breaker one?

#4 Posted by Riotisonfire (133 posts) -

i got it. it was pretty tough. energy rifles work though.

#5 Posted by Emilio (3583 posts) -

I got to the second missions and then I got bored... Play it for me. :(

#6 Edited by McPaper (283 posts) -

S Rank on hard? Im still on trying to get S rank on normal.

Right now im aiming for S rank on every mission, I was wondering if I have some S ranks on hard mode and some S ranks on easy mode does it still count for the achievement?

After that I need to the the dreaded SS rank for the last achievement.

Only 2 achievements left damnit!

EDIT - Finally done it, every single mission completed on hard with S rank. Thats an S rank for the giantbomb list too.

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