Armored Core V part issue

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I just bought armored core v, and dont know what to think, i have spent a few hours on it, and am stuck with the crappy mech you start with, i want to make a lightweight, throw around mech wich laser blade and rifle, however i bought some parts and they do not appear in my assembly list when i go there, but when i go to sell parts they are there. i just spent 300,000au on a workshop or whatever and dont know what is going on, any suggestions? i might just start the game over and go fresh considering im not that far in, but if any of you know what is going on that would be great

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AFAIK, the workshop additions are cosmetic (save for the 5 million AU expansion), though someone please feel free to correct me. As for parts, availability seems to be tied to your team level, making it a bit of a pain for soloists. That's the thing bugging me - this game is tuned for multiplayer, full-stop. Thankfully, money is at least easier to grab as missions are repeatable, and you can do the generic invasion missions for a couple hundred K.

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@Luca717: Wow, that's kind of weird. I haven't seen that kind of problem in the game. Did you joined a team or created a team for yourself? Also, have you buy then from "Buy new part" or "Buy popular part" section of the shop?

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ye i have both those options, and i have joined a team called Giant bomb, i am assuming someone off f this site made a team haha, there is about 10 teammates from what i have seen

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@Luca717: While selecting the proper bay/shoulder/part tab, try hitting L2 or Left trigger. This will show all parts instead of just a category/weapon type. I still haven't figure out quite how the menus are supposed to work, I know I had my fair share of losing sight.
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R2/RT (and apparently L2/LT) switches between your currently equipped subtype and all types of the item you're trying to equip. Just hit that, and you should see the stuff you bought appear in Assembly.

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