Dual-Layer Disc? (PS3)

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Hey! Is the PS3 version of this game on a dual-layer disc or single-layer? To check, you can look at the shiny part of the disc, and near the center there should be some code. If it says "BP-DL" it's dual-layer, if it says "BP-SS" it's single-layer.

I ask because my PS3 has difficulty reading dual-layer disc and if I can avoid the hassle of reinserting the disc some 30 times while lifting my PS3 disc-tray up, I'll probably pick this up tomorrow.

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I will try to remember to check when I get home from work in a few hours.

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@StarvingGamer: Awesome, thank you!

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@TheHT: It's a good thing you replied to my earlier comment because I got home, fell asleep, and forgot lol.


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I just looked on my NZB indexing website and the listings for Armored Core on PS3 all say they are around 11-14GB, which makes it sound like it'll be a single layer 25GB!

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@StarvingGamer: @Sooty: Sweet! Thanks a bunch!

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