Giant Bomb UK team (EU/AU also welcome)

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(Edit. Xbox 360 version)

So after finding out that I can't join you guys in America for some AC goodness because of stupid region locks :( (It’s a shame because the American team is shaping up nicely, 15 members already?)

I've had a go at starting a UK based team (my first time running anything like this so will probably suck at it).

A casual focused team for Giant Bomb user's to have some fun playing Armored Core V, if you’re interested you can find it by searching for...

Team: Giant Bomb

Password: glhb

(jumped on the password bandwagon and used glhb also)

#2 Posted by ShadowVirus (835 posts) -

I was unaware of the region lock, I haven't got this game yet but when I do I'll join this.

#3 Posted by Deltex (65 posts) -

@ShadowVirus: Hopefully see you in game :) though so far I’ve mostly spent my time messing with the emblem editor more than actually running any missions.

So far I’ve come up with this but it’s still a work in progress, need to try and round off the mouth a bit better and stuff.

#4 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Nice job on the emblem duder! We need to steal that one, ours doesn't look as good as this one :)

Good luck with the EU team, hope you guys enjoy the game as much as I do.

#5 Posted by Deltex (65 posts) -

@jozzy: Thanks jozzy :) this editor brings back good memories of all the hours I spent making images in Chromehounds lol.

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So far (apart from Shadow) there hasn’t been any interest in the UK team. I’ll keep it going for a while longer to see if there’s a massive influx of players but might have to consider finding another team to join because it’s no fun being the Billy-no-mates.

#7 Posted by StrikeALight (1129 posts) -

STILL haven't opened this game. Tempted to start a EU PS3 GB team.

#8 Posted by Deltex (65 posts) -

@jozzy: Finally finished the Giant Bomb Emblem, or at least got it to a point that I'm happy with it.

#9 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

@Deltex: That looks amazing, how many layers did you use for that and How did you get the reflections on the bomb? Wish you could share it with our 360 team :)

#10 Posted by Deltex (65 posts) -

@jozzy: 52 layers in total, you can buy the reflection decals from the shop :)

#11 Posted by P00zombie (128 posts) -

@jozzy: Finally finished the Giant Bomb Emblem, or at least got it to a point that I'm happy with it.

Holy crap! That's awesome! I straight sucked at makin our emblem. This is just another reason I'm upset about the region locks.
#12 Posted by XenoNick (1517 posts) -

Is this team still going? Just got my copy of the game today.

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