Is this game as amazing as my imagination is making it out to be?

#1 Posted by Sgykah (103 posts) -

So I'm imagining a pretty awesome multiplayer game. Lots of depth both in terms of teamwork and mech loadouts. Then I read about the operator. Is this as cool as it sounds? Or are you just the dude there with a sandwich saying, "there's a mech to your right, no, your other right."

#2 Posted by Thatamos (60 posts) -

It's as you think, and more. I'm going to be writing an article about how Armored Core 5's brilliant gameplay has somehow been swept under the rug and overlooked as only a "niche classic."

Honestly, there's more strategy and meaningful thought put into every action in Armored Core 5 than I've experienced since... .. shit, never.

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