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A bitter taste of plastic.

Well Army Men games are c-lassic and to be honest I would love to see a next gen one but this game sucks ass(To steal a line from The Angry Video Game Nerd).There is really no story to it except you are wanting to face the Tans and beat them in a war,yeah it's about as interesting as it sounds.But one of the many annoying parts is there are many tan looking mountains and all the tan soldiers blend into the damn mountain.Which then results to you not seeing them and they pop a bullet into you and there goes 25% of your health.Another annoying thing is the sensitivety.I mean if you max it out all the way he still moves like a 90 year old and when you try to turn a corner you can't see what's in front of you for a while because the damn camera doesn't move with you and that is the most annoying thing of the game.And hey while we are talking about annoying things lets mention one thing I Just have to adresss.That is the AI your teamates seriously just stand there and die and your enemies will fire one shot and then walk up to you and do nothing but stand there.It's like the developer done nothing to even try and make the AI mediocore.But I do want to talk about the graphics which is the only good thing.The realism is nice when you throw a gernade it light's trees and other stuff around it on fire and there is some nice weapons,like Mortors,gernades,gernade launchers,and Rocket Launchers.All-in-all this is a pass even though it's only like 2 bucks.

Posted by Coltonio7

I hate you Gamer Geek with a deep passion.

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