Army of Two 2 EA Server problems.

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My friend and I bought AO2 2 and we played it together. For a bit. Then it said that the game was aborted. Since neither of us have server problems, we deducted EA was sucking the big one again. Anyone have similar problems?

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I don't have the game, but I've heard this complaint several other times, so it's probably not just you.

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The servers for the fist game were bad as well.
EDIT:  I guess I should say the netcode in the first game was bad.

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Note: It might be yours or his internet. 
I am having trouble with the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta online, and with Battlefield 1943 as well. I am not saying that the servers are not fucked, they could totally be but I, myself, could post a thread blaming EA and the Battlefield servers or whatnot, using no fundamental evidence, but then I realized that I had recently changed routers, and that that might be the root of the problem.
Both of you should check these websites and evaluate your internet. 

Just sayin', I could be wrong.

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