Army of Two: 2 impressions (demo)

#1 Posted by MeetThePyro (335 posts) -

Never did I think that someone could make coop un-fun. It's fun in bad games (Haze), it's fun in good games (Uncharted 2). But the newest installment in the Army of Two franchise as done just that, make coop that's well boring.First of all the game is missing polish. There is a huge lack on animation for crouching, getting into cover, and turning. These are all basic things that look very sloppy in AoTt40thD (now that's a mouthful). The visuals are brown and bland and the shooting reminds me of Kane & Lynch (which is not a good thing). It has a lot of good ideas but all of them are integrated poorly (such as using Agro, the gun shop, and moral choices) Overall (at least what I can tell from the demo) this does not seem like a quality product. What do you guys think of the demo?

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not long enough, made me rage.

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I thought it looks fine, it is very similar to the first one and has the same problem with getting into cover and that really, really annoys me as that was what needed fixing the most from the first game... The aggro, and the shooting seem a lot better (enemies don't seem to soak up a million bullets) this time around if you ask me. 
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I thought the graphics looked not so great .

#5 Posted by turbomonkey138 (4956 posts) -

I thought the graphics looked not so great .

#6 Posted by RuninWithScisrs (2 posts) -

Does anyone know if the crappy demo is a beta version? This game sucks compared to the first one. Control suck, play suck, everything sucks. What the hell happened? I hope they clean up the actual game its not like this.

#7 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -
@turbomonkey138 said:
" I thought the graphics looked not so great . "
woah, you thought they were no so great it had to post it twice!!!
Anyway,  I didn't like the demo, I had fun playing through the first one with my brother, but when we tried this demo we didn't even finish because we were so bored.   It's just boring.  The shooting is unsatisfying, and the controls aren't very good.  I'm not saying the first was had good controls or shooting, but I just couldn't have fun with this game.

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