EA Confirms Army of Two Sequel

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#51 Posted by Keyser_Soze (1195 posts) -

Will this game receive the same hate from American reviewers for portraying the US military in "bad light" the same way as the first game did?

A lot of reviewers were offended by its full on message of PMC's good and capable and US military... bad. I know the US is a Nationalist nation but come on, stop with the fucking licking of the military already, especially in videogames, where's the FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!

#52 Edited by Heartagram (1308 posts) -

I love jeff's Response to #1. Army of two was not good but neither was killzone 1 maybe this game will be ok?

#53 Posted by NickL (2264 posts) -

anyone else feel like this was a REALLY slow news week?

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