How to unlock the last selections in all of the gun pieces?

#1 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

I am currently on my second playthrough on AO2:T40D, and I've realized I've unlocked every customizable option except for the very last option for all of the classes, (also, except for the front mounts, which I still need to unlock the customizable shield, etc.). I assumed just playing through the game would have unlocked these naturally... but apparently not. Does anybody know what you have to do to unlock these final selections? Do I need to beat the game on hard, or something?

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I'm guessing doing a play-through of "good" cutscenes and a play-through of "bad" cutscenes.  
I.E. Press "X" or "Square" to kill... 
-Also look for hidden items. 
-Make sure the baddies don't close the chests on you.

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