Just letting you guys know

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Nolan North did the voice work of Salem. 
Just letting you guys know.
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Did you "No Think" before posting this

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@dcpc10 said:
" @natetodamax said:
" No. "
actually he did "
Did he really?
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I heard the guy talk in the demo and I'm like "this isn't the same voice from the first game..." and "that just sounds like Nathan Drake if he wanted to sound tough...".  
One day shall come that ALL video games releases will feature Nolan North at some capacity. I'm calling it.

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Do we need a new thread everytime someone realises nolan north voiced a video game character?

#9 Posted by AjayRaz (12656 posts) -

god dammit NOT AGAIN 

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I have a feeling he's gonna win big at the Northies this year.

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i've known this for ages!
That's all i've got on that, i did try and tell people 2 times last year, but as per usual...nothing happened

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Come back when he does the voices for both characters.

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