Let's Review/Rant! Army of two: the 40th day

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  ever completely fuck up a post by putting it in the wrong spot? that's what happened here. eve happened to you?

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That's nice, now let's not talk about Army of Two. Since it is so bad as you say. Who cares? By the way, I didn't read your post. Ha...
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Ummm, ok. the game is not perfect and most people that are playing the game are not playing it for it's narrative. The game streams a bazillion enemies at you for a reason, it's stupid, stupid , stupid from beginning to end. If you listen to the radios you find out a bit more about the  big bad guy from the end and while this is a terrrible design choice it was obviously added in because the developers knew the core audience is 12 year olds that want to shoot things in the face. 
Army of Two 2 is a pretty fun game, brief  but fun. The cover system is smooth and the shooting/aiming feels much, much better than in the first game. Also I hugely disagree about the AI of your partner theyre generally pretty smart as long as you give them a little nugde. They only really do stupid things when theyre going up against the heavies.. and thats not very often at all. If anything  the A.I partner is a little too good at taking fire and making you invisible. 
Also the Tyler Bates score is pretty good... And Nolan North.... NOLAN NORTH!
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I like the first game. 40th days is kinda cool too, but the armory need some expansion...I mean 3 pistols? seriously?

also I think there MUST be something wrong with the guy who wrote the story.

It constantly punch you in the face for being a good guy: you spare JB and thought you did a good thing, then a cutscene tells you he's gonna die anyway; you give up extra guns so that the security guard can sell them to the mercs, who'll eventually use the guns against you; you stop that Russian from do something to a woman, then the cutscene tells you that she's actually an assassin and for all the trouble you only get an achievement and an automatic pistol...; not to mention YOU KILL YOUR BEST BUDDIES IN THAT SO CALLED "GOOD" ENDING! WTF EA?

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@sate2801: How was that a bad thing? It was a nice deviation from the usual moral choices we see in games, even if it was an odd game to put them in.

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