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Army of Two The 40th Day Review

I never played the first army of two, but, when i saw the weapons custimization trailer for the 2nd game. It got me pretty excited for the new game. 
 The single-player in this game is a lot of fun to go through (especially with a buddy), but, it does have its fair share of problems. The biggest problem for me at least is that the game is short. Not as short as games like MW2, but, it still felt like they could have added more. Another thing thats probably going to put some people off is that the enemies you fight against do start to get repetitive. Yeah there are some enemies that have full armor and a shotgun as well as few other slight varients. However for the most part you're going to be fighting the same bunch of standerd infantry unites. Dispite the games problems though, it's still a very fun Co-op based 3rd person shooter. It uses a cover system that lets you just walk right up to something and you will get behind cover, and you just walk away from the wall once you want to leave. Anybody thats used to other 3rd person games like Gears of War is going to have to get used to this system, but, once i got the hang of it. I actually much prefer this cover system to Gears, since you can leave and move into cover much faster.  
The weapons custimization in this game is pretty much going to give you endless possiblitys. I ended up buying a lot of guns just to see what kind of crazy shit i could do to it. I got a Scar assault rifle that had just as many rounds in a clip as my M249 Saw. Theres probably more attachments for one gun then all the attachments in MW2 combined. 
Then theres AOTs Multi-player, the multi-player game is a lot of fun and is going to give the game some replay value after you have exzasuted the single-player. It is dissapointing that you can't use the weapons custimization in the multi-player, but, it's understandable since it probably would be inpossible to balence everything if it did have the weapons custimization. Instead you have classes, all of them have there pros and cons and are pretty well balenced. The levels are also well designed allowing people chances to use all the weapons they have. The biggest problem with the multi-player though is that it can be VERY laggy sometimes and my xbox keeps crashing when i go into quick match with a friend. So hopefully a patch gets released soon enough. 
In the end Army of Two The 40th Day is a great 3rd person shooter that any fan of the genre should check out

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