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Army of Two: TFD

If the next Judd Apatow movie needed a game for it's stoner main characters to be playing during some witty dialogue Army of Two: TFD would be it. It has what you'd expect in one of those pre-rendered video game segments. Big burly main characters shooting waves of faceless mercenaries in order to stop an ego maniacal bad guy with a twisted view on society. But, Despite my gut feeling of Army of Two there are some features that set this apart from other games of the like.

You are given control of either Tyson Rios or Elliot Salem, the same characters from the first game. Like in the original the twist in the gameplay here is the co-op. The character you do not choose to play will become your A.I. wing man (Or your real life friend can take over online or split screen). Seems like this time around the A.I. is a lot better. I never really had a problem with him getting in the way or not doing what I ordered through the basic commands. The co-op aspect was not played up as much this time around. Helping your buddy open a door or boosting him up to a higher platform was about as for as it goes. But if your craving some Bromance, there is always some rock, paper, scissors and chest bumping action to be had.

The game takes place in a Shanghai under siege. At first glance it is a unique and colorful location. Visually it does look nice, the atmosphere however is really lacking making the unique location kind of a waste. The experience overall lacks any real substance and that mostly has to do with the horrible job of telling the story. I really had no idea why Shanghai was under attack or by who. I sort of pieced it together at the end but up until the last few moments I was lost. A possible factor as to why I was so lost was that the game never lets up. There is barely a minute from one fire fight to the next and after a while it stopped being enjoyable and became more exhausting.

There is some fun stuff going on here though. The weapon customization was pretty neat. I did want to go back in just to earn more cash to get more gear but after a short way through a replay it was wearing thin. There is a online multiplayer mode as well that I did not try. It looks above average but with Modern Warfare 2 fresh in the market I can't see the multiplayer having much life in it. In single player, shooting was fairly enjoyable and I can see some good co-op play throughs with a buddy but I really can't argue this one barely more than a rental.

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