holabendez's Army of Two: The 40th Day (PlayStation 3) review

A bland disappointment

I went into this game looking for a fun split screen co-op game to play with my brother. Army of Two seems like a franchise specifically designed for co-op play, but what surprised me was just how disappointing a game it was. 
First of all, it uses vertical split screen and I hate that. The limited peripheral vision you get as a result makes the game, which already suffers from some awkward controls as is an even more frustrating game. The game play itself is rather bland too, enter an area, shoot and kill everything you see, and then continue. The game does include a few different elements into the game such as situations involving freeing hostages, which is a good touch, but under done, and in the scheme of things, simply not enough to off-set the monotony of the general game play. 
I don't think I was asking for much coming into this game. A bit of mindless fun really was all I was asking for. But instead of mindless fun, I feel like I got mindless monotony. It didn't have to be this way, the potential is there - but for a game that seems specifically designed for co-op play I really felt like there were plenty of other games, whose focus is NOT specifically on co-op do a lot better, simply because they have more solid game play mechanics in their game. 
I avoided the original, and had kind of gathered from other reviews that some of the problems from the original had been fixed in the sequel, but I would say they still have a way to go.


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