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Co-op or bust.

  Oh man, another co-op game in the bank. Yet another game I wouldn't have played more than an hour or two of were it not for Mr Kevin playin with me.

The game is co-op The best thing about this game is that it's a co-op game that you can play with a friend. Without it, the game would be abysmal.
Blinging out your weapons You earn cash for a lot of various things in this game and you can spend that money to upgrade and buy new weapons. On top of that, you can do stupid stuff to your weapons like get crazy paint jobs and encrusting your grenades with diamonds. I went with the poker chips theme on my gear and I believe Kevin went with the hearts. All the weapons had a pretty high variety of modifications available ranging from barrel types, grips, magazine sizes all the way to a bayonet or screwdriver on the end of your gun.

Fighting enemies was only okay In most cases, it wasn't fun but it also wasn't boring. It was all just sludging through the game to get to the finish. You shoot guys, they die, more appear, you shoot them, rinse, repeat. This is pretty much how it is with all shooter games but for some reason there just wasn't any excitement in any of it.
You get to make moral choices in the story line that play out in a cutscene At key points in the game, you can decide whether to do the moral thing, or immoral thing and you get a cutscene showing off the consequences of your choice. Typically, doing the "bad" thing results in you getting money and the "good" choice results in. . . something bad anyway. The best part about this whole choice mechanic is that kevin and I both had the opportunity to choose and it's just whoever is faster on the trigger that gets to dictate what happens. I'm the kinda guy that'll let someone rape and kill a chick for big bucks while kevin tends to want to take the high road. Hilarity ensues.

There is no story. . . or if there was, I had no idea what it was about or what our objective was As far as I can tell, we were on vacation in Shanhai and then someone decided to blow it up. Near the end, there's some kinda nuke thing, but I have no clue. For the most part, I was just moving forward with no motivation from the story because I have no idea what was going on. Also, our helper chick Alice just disappeared off the face of the earth. . . was she killed? And don't even get me started on the shittacular ending.
The controls were a bit too wonky I'd go leaping over cover when I didn't want to. I'd ram people over instead of taking them hostage. Just all kinds of little control issues that I didn't like. In addition to that, I felt like the aiming in the game was a bit too touchy. It felt like they made the aiming for mouse and keyboard and didn't throw in any auto aim like every other solid FPS game has been doing since XBOX.
Bad checkpoints and unskippable cutscenes You can have one or the other but both together results in some godawful amounts of wasted time. The checkpoints felt way too far apart from each other with large sections of combat in between. We had frequent deaths far into a gunfight and having to start way the fuck back over was depressing.

All in all, I want to write about this game about as much as I wanted to play it. It doesn't do anything grossly wrong, but it just does everything wrong a little bit. There's nothing about this game that'd cause me to recommend anyone play it. It's not bad enough to be funny, and it's not good enough to be fun so just stay away. I just can't see anyone actually enjoying this thing.

Definitely below average but not into the realm of totally broken garbage.



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