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Army of two:40th day- Great co-op expirence

I first beat this game on the hardest difficulty with a friend. And it was hard as hell. If your looking for a challenging but Very fun, Co-op, And somewhat Strategic 3rd person shooter, This is your game. The game isnt to long but its not short. Especially of you play it on the hardest difficulty it might take you a while. The achievements and Trophies arent that challenging to get either. The multiplayer is still Alive.. and its very fun. There is also very in depth weapon customization. which can mix up combat quite a bit. you can use co-op moves like one player can surrender to the enemy while the other player flanks and jumps them or just sits back with a sniper rifle. Just trust me its a very good game. i have no idea why it has bad reviews. DIFFICULTY- 6/10, LENGTH- 5/10, MULTIPLAYER- 6/10, GRAPHICS- 7/10


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