slither_maggot's Army of Two: The 40th Day (Xbox 360) review

They're Back!

There are few sequels that live up to the potential of their original launch titles but this one seems to have done it with some good style. This game not only improves upon concepts touched upon in the original but draws out more of the experience that made us love these two knuckleheads from the beginning. Choosing your path in the story makes your ability to alter the story seems a bit more significant and knowing what was the right/wrong choice is revealed via comic book style cutscenes seeing how your decision plays out, effecting other people's lives.

Graphically the game looks similar to the original but with smoother textures and a little more impressive lighting which is subtle but effective. The sound is pretty stellar and sounds great via surround sound with plenty of blasting and explosions to keep the sounds of combat alive and interesting.

The story seems a bit weak but no weaker than the original so that's really no big loss. The playstyle is familiar and gives the returning players a feeling of comfort in knowing what they're doing which is always a good thing but with additional options of dispatching foes, (such as mock-surrender) offers players a chance for a new experience which makes the game even more fun. The duos path of destruction unveils and nefarious plot (as would be expected) and draws the story to a thrilling climax which makes the player feel more involved than with a lot of other shooters. With another title slated for release, if you haven't caught up on your ARMY OF TWO, give 'er and shot. You've got nothing to lose except a fun time with your two favorite badass-mercenaries.


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