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The return of the fist bump 0

 The first Army of Two had some issues trying to find its tone. On the one hand all it wanted to do was bro-out, offering fist bumps, air guitar and “pimped” out golden weapons to fire. While on the other side of the spectrum it dealt with seedy private military corporations in real-world conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and some oddly-placed conspiracy theories about 9/11 and America’s reasons for going to war in the Middle East. The two sides never really gelled, and the co-op gamepla...

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Army of Two Finally Begins to Realize Its Potential 2

When the first Army of Two was released in 2008, I made it through about an hour of co-operative play with a friend before both of us declared it offensive bile and never touched it again. The Middle-Eastern setting hit a little too close to home for some, but what really turned us off was the over complicated controls and nausea-inducing "bro moments." It certainly didn't help that these flawed systems were framed by generic settings and characters that made the experience feel more like a shoo...

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Annoying issues hold this sequel back. 9

 Army of Two is known for its “bro-ness”, cool masks, pimped-out golden guns, and it's devil-may-care duo. It's weird The 40th Day doesn't capitalize on any of these things, but instead attempts to build its actual mechanics. Weird enough, the end result is a janky game jam-packed with issues and ultimately ends up being generic despite the off-shoot things the first game built.   Salem and Rios are on a routine mission in Shanghai, the city comes und...

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Major Improvement from Original 0

I actually kinda liked the original game, though the main characters were utter knuckleheads. I certainly did not expect a sequel to be forthcoming after the original, though it apparently sold rather well.The sequel takes place in Shanghai and Salem and Rios are in Shanghai when all hell breaks loose. And, literally, ALL HELL breaks loose. A former military leader attempts to take over China via threat of nuclear weapons and a few thousand troops. It all takes place over a single day and...

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Bro Montana and Bro Nameth Back in Action 0

I enjoyed the first army of two, even though it was fairly straightforward, had a limited customization system, and didn't make adequate use of its aggro gameplay mechanic.  Army of Two: TFD works to fix some of these issues, to mixed results.  The shootouts often boil down to taking out groups of enemies from a safe distance, and this leaves the action feeling somewhat diluted.  The cover mechanics are awkward at times, but work fairly well throughout.  The guns have a much better feel (have we...

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DaveBeFree's Army of Two: the 40th Day Review 2

Army of Two the 40th day is to Pineapple Express what Uncharted 2 was to Indiana Jones.  Under close scrutiny this analogy might not hold up, but keep reading.  You'll see what I mean.  The game stars Rios and Salem, two bromantically involved PMCs of the auspiciously named T.W.O.  I haven't played the first Army of Two, so the back story to how these gents got their start is lost on me.  Frankly, it doesn't matter, as you know all you need to after the first thirty minutes of in-game tutorials....

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Gaming Review of... Army of Two: The 40th Day 0

Army of Two: The 40 Day is a Modern Day Military Shooter developed by EA Montreal and Published by EA. As the sequel to the original Army of Two game; Army of Two: The 40 Day still relies heavily on its co-op based gameplay and mechanics as you will rarely leave your partners side. However, the big question is, has EA made a co-op shooter that works well in co-op as well as in single-player? Firstly, the story in 40 Day is near non-existent. The story follows Rios and Salem, the focused characte...

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Game Completed 0

Hello Gamers, I have completed this game and I personly think it was a amazing game. I tink the story plot got a little bit confusing but after a while you'll get the picture. I think the best part of this game was making decisions. You'll have to make alot of decisions throughout the game. Some decision are very sad and regretable but others are very funny. I also like he way you can play the game twice choosing the decisions you did not choose before. One downfall to this game is the camera an...

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Review 0

The adventures of the two overgrown teenage frat boys continues, but now all the dude is a little more subdued and although much of the attitude is still around, EA have changed enough in the 40th day that it’s close to being a series reboot.Army of Two: The 40th day stars Tyson and Elliot as the muscle for a PMC (Private Military Corporation) performing a routine mission in Shanghai when explosions start to wreck the city and the two partners are torn between escaping the city and getting to th...

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Co-op or bust. 0

  Oh man, another co-op game in the bank. Yet another game I wouldn't have played more than an hour or two of were it not for Mr Kevin playin with me.+'sThe game is co-op The best thing about this game is that it's a co-op game that you can play with a friend. Without it, the game would be abysmal.Blinging out your weapons You earn cash for a lot of various things in this game and you can spend that money to upgrade and buy new weapons. On top of that, you can do stupid stuff to your weap...

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Review 0

I am a fan of co-op games. I enjoy playing a game with a friend, so naturally Army of Two was a game on my radar. I was very underwhelmed with the first game, and I figured EA Montreal could take their core concepts, and build a compelling and exciting sequel. Although new ideas are introduced, and with more emphasis could have made a better game, are secondary and have little effect on the general experience which is largely the same as the first game. You start the game on a mission for your ...

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A bland disappointment 0

I went into this game looking for a fun split screen co-op game to play with my brother. Army of Two seems like a franchise specifically designed for co-op play, but what surprised me was just how disappointing a game it was.  First of all, it uses vertical split screen and I hate that. The limited peripheral vision you get as a result makes the game, which already suffers from some awkward controls as is an even more frustrating game. The game play itself is rather bland too, enter an area, sho...

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Army of Two Steps Forward, One Step Back 2

 Army of Two: The 40 Day Review Xbox 360, PS3  Review Taken From My Blog:   Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios were introduced to us in 2008 as two indestructible best friends who had a dark slanted humor, a penchant for destruction, no qualms whatsoever in showing off their ‘bro-ness’ and who happened to be two Private Military Contractors. While the first Army of Two danced around some very real and very serious elements of war, it also managed to be a rather fun  an...

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The 40th Day is decent, but it could be better in many ways. 0

Firstly, lets get this out of the way. On the PS3, this game's framerate is horrible. I would recommend purchasing the Xbox 360 version, becuase EA have some sort of problem with keeping a consistent frame rate on their PS3 games. Other games like Skate and Medal of Honor: Airborne have these problems. Why can't they fix this? Whenever you enter a large area in Army of Two, all the nice looking graphics just look ugly becuase of the frame rate...     Ok, onto the actual game. The game is basi...

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Review 0

The 40th Day doesn't hit many high notes during the 7 hours of 'story' to fight through but you may find some entertainment in the stupidest morality choices to be in any video game.   The first Army of Two had problems, no doubt, but out of all the new IPs this was one which I did not expect to see a sequel. The 40th Day remains very much the same game as the first, keeping the core of the game focused on co-operative gameplay and the use of the Aggro Meter -- it is much more focused on the...

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Short but sweet 0

The original Army of Two was one of those games that sold a lot of copies yet no one seemed to care much for it. 40th Day is in the unfortunate position of being a sequel no one asked for. Luckily it seems that most of the criticisms leveled at the first game were taken to heart in designing the sequel.  The story is paper-thin. Essentially a pair of mercenaries, Salem and RIos, happen to be in Shanghai when a whole bunch of bad shit goes down. The story in these games is never more than excuse ...

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They're Back! 0

There are few sequels that live up to the potential of their original launch titles but this one seems to have done it with some good style. This game not only improves upon concepts touched upon in the original but draws out more of the experience that made us love these two knuckleheads from the beginning. Choosing your path in the story makes your ability to alter the story seems a bit more significant and knowing what was the right/wrong choice is revealed via comic book style cutscenes seei...

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Army of Two The 40th Day Review 0

I never played the first army of two, but, when i saw the weapons custimization trailer for the 2nd game. It got me pretty excited for the new game.   The single-player in this game is a lot of fun to go through (especially with a buddy), but, it does have its fair share of problems. The biggest problem for me at least is that the game is short. Not as short as games like MW2, but, it still felt like they could have added more. Another thing thats probably going to put some people off is that th...

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Inverted Y Axis Review: Army of Two: The 40th Day 0

Salem and Rios are back.  This time our ambiguous mercenaries are out in Shanghai, and as in any situation, be it video game or movie, things don't go as planned. What looked like easy money quickly turns into a fight for their lives full of moral choices as they try to escape Shanghai and finally have that beer they keep talking about (and likely a few tender moments).I didn't play all the way through the original Army of 2, but I did play enough to notice some of the improvements. For starters...

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Innovating in the Wrong Direction 0

Army of Two: The Fortieth Day is EA Montreal's 2010 sequel to it's 2008 co-op focused third person shooter. The original had its entire gameplay built around a co-op experience and a serious dose of frat boy "bro-ness." This was both its greatest strength and weakness as playing with a friend could be a real blast but playing solo could end in a buggy mess due to co-op focused level design and dumb teammate AI. Another major sticking point was the game's timely involvement of themes of both the ...

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A great game with a buddy. Solo? Not so much. 0

Army Of Two: The 40th Day suffers from the same problems many co-op focused games do. Primarily, it just isn't that fun without a second player.  My solo experience with the game can be summarized as telling the AI to stay behind cover while I do everything. I'd like to have the AI help me out, but it doesn't seem to understand what I want it to do, ever. More often than not it would misunderstand my "Hold Position" order as "Run towards the bullets". This kind of situation occurs with the AI pa...

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Army of Two: The 40th Day Review 0

By - Craig H.Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem return in Army of Two: The 40 Day a third-person co-op focused experience. Rios and Salem are on a typical mercenary mission for their organization, TransWorld Operations, in Shanghai when chaos breaks out and the city is under attack. Immediately the duo find themselves stranded in the middle of the city and must fight their way out, killing anyone who stands in their way.The campaign is broken up into chapters where at the end of each chapter it gives y...

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Army of two:40th day- Great co-op expirence 0

I first beat this game on the hardest difficulty with a friend. And it was hard as hell. If your looking for a challenging but Very fun, Co-op, And somewhat Strategic 3rd person shooter, This is your game. The game isnt to long but its not short. Especially of you play it on the hardest difficulty it might take you a while. The achievements and Trophies arent that challenging to get either. The multiplayer is still Alive.. and its very fun. There is also very in depth weapon customization. which...

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Army of Two: TFD 0

If the next Judd Apatow movie needed a game for it's stoner main characters to be playing during some witty dialogue Army of Two: TFD would be it. It has what you'd expect in one of those pre-rendered video game segments. Big burly main characters shooting waves of faceless mercenaries in order to stop an ego maniacal bad guy with a twisted view on society. But, Despite my gut feeling of Army of Two there are some features that set this apart from other games of the like.You are given control of...

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