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This Should be Bad Boys III 0

When a new game is being prepped for release, there are multiple opportunities to build or destroy expectations based on what the publisher does. In the case of Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, EA managed to destroy most expectations by laying off an entire studio shortly before the game’s release date. This move would normally indicate that the publisher has no faith in the final product. This may or may not be the case, but Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel does a fine job of exceeding these lo...

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Less Bro-Y Than Usual 0

Army of Two returns again and the douchey frat boy bromance is effectively dead. Doing away with one of the twin pillars of the game (that and the entire aggro system of gameplay) is always a massive risk. EA took the chance...and, well, the game is not exactly blowing my mind.Truth be known, I actually liked the first two Army of Two games. They were asinine games with pretty good shooting mechanics and a nice aggro system. True, Salem and Rios were utter douchebags. Unlikeable bro-heims. But t...

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Doesn't live up to the previous games, but if you can rope in a friend you mightn't care so much. 0

The RadSolid feel to the shooting.Customizing your characters guns and masks is pretty fun.Uses the old protagonists of the previous games in interesting ways.The BadFeels a little stripped down from the previous game.New main characters are totally devoid of personality.I know I’d be one of the only, but I really liked the previous Army of Two games. They were nice, dumb fun and the last one at least attempted to do interesting things with the narrative and moral choices. Rather than iterate on...

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