Army of Two PSP

#1 Posted by Al3xand3r (7574 posts) -

It looks similar to Killzone Liberation, which means it may better than the original game. Thoughts?

#2 Posted by Black_Rose (7785 posts) -

Looks good.

#3 Posted by T0mF5 (929 posts) -

Looks better than the original game.

#4 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1530 posts) -

Looks really awesome, but so does the console game.  I love top down shooters.  A really neglected genre.

#5 Posted by Optiow (1745 posts) -

Looks good, I might buy it.

#6 Posted by CowMuffins (1760 posts) -

I like the style better, makes the game more unique.

#7 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

looks pretty good....i like the art style

#8 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

Doesn't look too bad. We'll see how it turns out.

#9 Posted by Kiemoe (1056 posts) -

More helicopter hate. I'm down, but I got jewed on buying the first game (fuck you EGM), so I am definitely waiting. I'm interested on how they are working out the whole, "let's make the game more serious, but the art style cartoony" thing.

#10 Posted by Bubahula (2197 posts) -

weird that its not the first one but , hey this looks rad,

#11 Posted by Linkyshinks (9880 posts) -

Looks good, it could be great fun in CoOp with good level design.

#12 Posted by Turtlefuzz (257 posts) -

This looks pretty good, I like the screen shots. And I liked Killzone: Liberation.

#13 Posted by Pazy (2592 posts) -

If I had 2 psp's to hand (since my friends dont own them) and I could pick them up cheap then I would love to play this through in the same room with my buddy. The only problem is that the only love I have from Army of Two stems from playing it entierly with my best buddy so I would have to play it local/ad-hoc co-op but that requires 2 copies of a game (which will only ever really be played once) and another PSP.

So maybe but probably not.

#14 Posted by Al3xand3r (7574 posts) -

Jeez, almost nobody posted here 3 weeks ago when I posted this now everyone is... What happened? :S

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