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A game that tries a little too hard to focus on co-op

Army of Two is one reminds me of one of those B-rated action movies. You have Rios, a battle-hardened soldier who looks like he's seen enough death in his lifetime, and Salem, a young spunky kid who's every other word is "bro" They start off in the army and figure out that mercenaries make a shit-load more money and apparently get to choose their own missions. This of course leads to them joining a PMC (Private Military Corporation) where they get to wear masks and pimp out their guns.  This of course leads to more B-movie material where you would have to be brain dead to not see a major plot point coming up.

Speaking of brain-dead, that is essentially what your computer-controlled partner is. He'll shoot enemies and take cover, but only if you explicitly tell him to. This is fine, until later levels when bullets are hailing down on you and you have to keep checking whether or not your partner has enough health to keep shooting or if he needs to take cover. Another annoying aspect about the Ai is when you get damaged enough you fall to the ground and have to wait for your partner to come drag you to safety and heal you. This seems a little too much for the computer to handle as you will be screaming at the screen for your partner to heal you or drag you to cover as the computer seems to know what you want it to do, but chooses to do the opposite.

The gunplay however is pretty solid with a pretty set of customizable options available such as changing the barrels and cartridges on your gun, adding silencers, and even pimping out your gun. Yes, you heard me, you can have a pimped out .45 magnum and yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds. This of course affects a key element of Army of Two which is aggro. People who play MMORPG's probably know this, but basically if you are shooting then you build up aggro which makes the enemies shoot at you and your partner is essentially invisible. This works very well when fighting your enemies. Maybe a little too well... While your partner shoots at the enemy, you can just go to the enemies and shoot them and they won't really notice as long as your partner has the aggro.

The game is fitted with a pretty good soundtrack of rock which is really the only genre needed to get in the mood for a game like Army of Two. The voice acting is pretty good, and the characters are likeable. The game also looks pretty good with the main character models being the eye candy. However many of the enemies look exactly the same and some of the textures in the environments can get a little bland.

This game is also incredibly short. You will probably be able to beat this game in 5-6 hours and I never got a chance to play the multi-player since not enough people were on for me to play a match. So would recommend you rent this game if you want to try it.

This review is pretty negative I know, so why does it get 3 stars? Well the game is pretty fun. Bashing enemies with your helmet, customizing your weapons, and running through missions guns blazing is pretty fun and Army of Two does a good job of this. So I recommend if you want a fun weekend and have a friend to play with, rent Army of Two and I can say you will probably have a blast.
Posted by erikj

I wouldn't even give the game a one of five it is whey to repetative and the story line isn't interesting, Your right, like a B rated action movie. The first ten to half hour of the game are fun and then it is fun to customise the weapons, so I wouldn't buy the game

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