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Arnold is apart of the U.B.C.S. army sent in to save the civilians from the B.O.W. threat within Raccoon City. Arnold however shown no priority nor care towards the mission and situated himself near one of the exit points with a sniper-rifle mostly just shooting down zombies for sport. While the Umbrella scientist, Linda, is traversing the streets of the City with the T-Virus cure, she is shot by Arnold by mistake. Even after realising, though, he shows virtually no remorse and callously responds with, ''ah well, fuck it'', and continues to shoot at the other player character(s).

Once he finds out about Code XX (The approval for the destruction of Raccoon City) Arnold bails and abandons his post, fleeing the City. He isn't encountered again and his fate is left unknown.

Arnold can be unlocked as a character skin set over the Mark Wilkins character type.

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