L'art pout l'art! I want a quicklook!

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#1 Posted by the_korben (75 posts) -

We all know that deep down, Jeff and the gang really are of the artsy fartsy type. What better way to celebrate this fact than to have a quicklook of this neat little 3DS program? They could have a draw-off, or focus on the more ... emotional ... tendencies that might slumber in Brad "Pablo P." Shoemaker and Vinny "Salvator D." Caravella, or see who can grow the best unibrow. What do you say, GB fans?

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#2 Posted by Hyperfludd (400 posts) -

I'd like to see one yes. Kinda want to see if it's something worth downloadin.

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#3 Posted by dungbootle (2502 posts) -

Art is cool

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#4 Posted by Ghost_Cat (1961 posts) -

YOU are the artist.

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#5 Posted by OldGuy (1661 posts) -

I want a million dollars... but: You can't always get what you want.

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