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Art of Fighting 2 (known in Japan as Ryuuko no Ken 2) is a fighting game developed and published by SNK for the Neo Geo. It is a direct sequel to the original Art of Fighting, with only minor changes in gameplay. Story mode can now be played with any playable character and characters are more balanced in Versus matches. The difficulty of the A.I. is increased significantly in this game.
The story takes place in South Town a year after the events of the original Art of Fighting. Unlike the previous game, which had a linear story that can only be played by the two main characters, this game is non-linear and is not limited to the main characters. Each character has their own story, from generally beating other fighters up to revenge. However, they are being watched by agents of an uprising crime boss.


Art of Fighting 2 plays similarly to the original Art of Fighting. You have a punch and kick button, which gives either weak or strong punches depending on your distance from the opponent. The third button is the "utility" button, which either gives you an uppercut punch or low kick (when combined with the punch and kick buttons), a throw, or a walljump. The fourth button is the taunting button. This game also features dashing forwards and backwards by pressing the joystick in either direction twice. Fireball attacks can be canceled using punches and kicks.
The game also includes the "spirit gauge" from the original Art of Fighting.. The gauge lowers after the player performs a special/super move. The more powerful the move, the more the gauge depletes. The gauge also depletes when your opponent performs a taunt. The gauge can only be recharged manually by holding down either the punch, kick, or utility button. It will be in one of three colors (green, yellow, or red) depending on the amount left.
Unlike the prequel, every character is given a Super and "Desperation" move. Both super and desperation moves take up much of the rage gauge, but the desperation move can only be performed when the player has 20% life or less (as indicated by a flashing life bar). In single player, these moves can only be learned through a special bonus stage.
Each character is given more variety of moves, unlike the previous game where everybody except Ryo and Robert had limited variety of moves.


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