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Aquia is fun...and cool...

I'm from Australia, and this game is called "Art Style: Aquite"

Art Style was an excellent series on the WiiWare, spanning many games. The DSi launched in Australia with two of the Art Style games (Digits, and Aquite). Aquite is quite fun, as the player has to shove blocks in and form rows of three. It's like Bejeweled, but has a Tetris feel.

The pipe is the main game board, and it is all filled up with randomly coloured blocks. The player can either play with a 1x2 block (horizantally or vertically), or a large 2x2 block. This extra group of blocks can be moved up and down from the right side of the pipe. The player has to push these blocks in somewhere, and the blocks on the other side come out on the left. The player constantly pushes the blocks in and out, grouping the blocks inside the pipe into rows of three.

Grouping the blocks makes them disappear, and the column will be replaced bottom to top (assuming the blocks have a density level lower than one). Plus, the diver goes lower into the ocean, and once he reaches his goal depth, the player will beat the level. There are ten levels for each block, and each level requires the player to go lower.

The time limit is displayed by the top of the board starting to fade to black, and gradually going lower (trying to assume that the diver is dying from air). Once the darkness covers the screen, it's game over. The levels gradually get harder, as it takes more distance to reach the goal, and more different colours of blocks appear.

The player's movements add extra notes (like Wii Music) to the serene music that is playing. The atmosphere set by the graphics and the sound combine to make a very cool experience, of concentrating, but drifting away. This makes the game very enjoyable. The game has no touch screen support, just buttons. The D-Pad moves the block, A pushes the block, and the triggers rotate the block. These controls work fine, and more people would prefer this than touch screen controls.

Overall, Art Style: Aquite is a fun game to play. The graphics and sound are interesting and hypnotising, and the gameplay is very addictive. The game is available on DSiWare for 500 Nintendo Points. Since you can get 1,000 points free, this has to be one of the games you get with that.

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