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   I'll spare ya'll the details about how I came to "discover" the downloadable Art Style games on Nintendo's consoles, but I think it's noteworthy to point out that I haven't heard anything about these games from any other games journalists aside from the dudes on the Bombcast, and I am a podcast and game news junkie.   I also don't want to imply that it's some sort underselling indie darling-- I'm sure they're some of the top-selling Nintendo downloadable games, but I find their lack of acclaim and accolades among hardcore gamers and games press to be shocking.  EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TRY THESE GAMES.  Each game in the series is at least worth the price of pucrhase, and a few approach the quality level of a polished retail release.   Cubello for Wiiware is the one that has me by the balls for hours.   For DS, I'm in love with Precipace (which is also called Kubos in other countries I guess) and Aquia.
Each game in the series is a totally unique puzzle, and none of the art assets, music, gameplay, controls, or anything are repeated in another game in the series.  Each one is an immaculately crafted, deep, trance-inducing and addictive puzzle with avant garde artistic flavor.  Oh wow, did I really just write that sentence? If you have even a slight interest in puzzle games, you owe it to yourself to play these games.  In my humble opinion, these games do more to support the notion of games being art than any triple-A blockbuster action game.   The fact that "art" is in the title is totally justified in the same way that New Super Mario Brothers Wii's title is justified.  Not just because the presentation is beutiful, but also because each game does something or a lot of things that are noteworthy in the way it is played.   They're also fucking fun as shit. 
Oh God, I know this all reads like gushing hyperbole, but you owe it to yourself to look past my child-like glee and try these games. 

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I own all 3 Art Style games currently out on Wiiware. Cubello is my favorite as well, and Orbient is very relaxing. Haven't gotten into Rotohex too much, as I'm still getting the hang of it.   
I can't wait for the other ones coming out, and I still need a DSi for the Art Style games there. 
Fun stuff indeed.

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