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In this sci-fi take on the Dragon Quest style RPGs of the era, the player controls a robotic warrior created by a kind-hearted scientist to take on the evil king that has taken over a dimension known as Artelius, which an Earth-like civilization fell into while exploring space eons ago.

The game plays much like any other 8-bit JRPG: The player character talks to NPCs in towns, visits dungeons (which are actually areas of space full of asteroids, which converge together to form walls) and battles monsters in a separate combat screen. The player can assign points to various stats initially, though after levelling up further stat points are assigned automatically.

What makes this game different to other JRPGs is that each battle plays out like a space shooter: The goal is to shoot down enemy ships from a first-person perspective, similar to cockpit space sims like Star Raiders. Successfully defeating the enemy combatant awards the player character with experience and money.

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