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A Huge Chunk of THQ's Remaining Properties Up for Auction This April

If you've been saving your money in the hopes of buying the Destroy All Humans! franchise, you'd better get those last few dollars quick.

Now you can rescue Darksiders! Presuming, of course, that is something you can actually afford to do.

Following THQ's dissolution as a publisher and the initial auctioning off of its current properties and games in development, the publisher had noted that many of its legacy franchises would also be going up for auction in a separate volley. Late yesterday, THQ announced the second wave of property auctions, which will begin on April 1 with opening bids, and conclude on April 15 with all final bids having been placed.

The auctions are broken out into six lots, four of which are franchise specific. The Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Darksiders, and Homeworld franchises will all be purchasable separately (and include rights to all previous games released in those series), while a potpourri selection of other random games/franchises--including the likes of Destroy All Humans!, de Blob, Titan Quest, Deepak Chopra's Leela, recent Worms games, Costume Quest, and yes, even uDraw--have been cobbled together in the remaining two. It's worth noting that one of those collection auctions only pertains to licenses held by THQ, versus properties fully owned.

Once all bids are placed and approved by THQ's creditors, the remnants of the publisher will take those bids to the bankruptcy court, where they are expected to be approved. All of these bids and sales should be finalized by May.

Here's a full rundown of the available auction lots, provided this is something you're thinking about spending some money on. Just a warning: There's no sign of Big Mutha Truckers in this auction. So if you're dying to reboot this particular trucking franchise, you'll have to wait until the next THQ property auction.






Lot 6 - LICENSED SOFTWARE (buyer to pay any cure costs)

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Posted by Vampire_Chibi

the news: giantbomb community buys THQ licenses and starts own game developing company.

Posted by MjHealy

HAH! Juiced...

Posted by Kerned

So for Double Fine to get the rights to Stacking and Costume Quest back they would need to buy that entire lot of garbage? Bummer. Looks like that isn't happening.

Posted by Hurricrane

I liked the first couple Destroy All HUmans games.... but Is till can't believe they held Darksiders and Red Faction back for the shit sale :/

Edited by Brendan

Yo guys. I bet that if we pool our resources, we can buy Fancy Nancy. Who's with me?</p>

Posted by EkajArmstro

I really hope someone does something with Full Spectrum Warrior.

Edited by DeviTiffany

Someone tell Firiaxs to go buy Full Spectrum Warrior

Posted by thebunnyhunter

I really hope someone picks up and does something with that Destroy All Humans series. That first game (and to a lesser extent the second one) were fun campy openworld games with a neat premise. Man that first game was pretty fun wasn't it Krypto (or Crypto? who cares) I still dont understand how they managed to fuck up those games

Posted by hooberschmit

Someone buy titan quest. Still my favorite Action RPG.

Posted by Wandrecanada

Dude I bet I could get uDraw on the cheap! You think they'd throw in the artifacts for free?

Posted by deputydepril91

save red faction

Posted by jeffrud

@snide: Hell yes Titan Quest is pretty awesome! Let's pick it up!

Posted by Reisz

@giovanni said:

@tylea002 said:


I have like 15 bucks. Let's do it!

There's $300 in my freezer, I'm in!

Posted by Tajasaurus

Please someone pick up the MX license and release MX Superfly HD every year for the rest of forever.

Posted by Tricky69

@wrecks said:

I need to set up a "Let's Buy Red Faction!" Quickstarter.

And I'll be the first to sign up !!!

Posted by MeatSim

You know everyone in the game industry is going to be biding on uDraw.

Posted by dropabombonit

I wonder how much the Stuntman rights would cost because I think that Stuntman: Ignition was supremely underrated

Posted by FrobroX

How about a buck?

But really, I'm all for Double Fine getting the rights to their games back.

Posted by melodiousj

How much for Deadly Creatures by itself?

Posted by MentalDisruption

Heres to hoping someone cool picks up darksiders.

Edited by avantegardener

Going to get that sweet Juiced licence.

Edit: I don't think Lot 6 would be all that bad an acquirement for Double Fine, I could actually see them doing interesting reboots with some of those licences with a bit of vision, games shows, adventure games, worms.

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