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A Quick Look At GTA IV: Ballad Of Gay Tony's Multiplayer

I mean "quick look" in the literal sense, not the talkin'-over-video sense.

Uncharted 2 and Brutal Legend are behind us, but October releases ain't over yet. Not by a long shot! May I remind you there will be more Grand Theft Auto IV later this month? 
Along with the release of The Ballad of Gay Tony comes some new multiplayer tidbits, which Rockstar has just sent out a few new screenshots for. Here's a brief description of what's new this time around. (You'll also get access to this business if you buy the retail combo package Episodes From Liberty City, too.) 

The Ballad of Gay Tony ratchets up the multiplayer intensity to a new level with a complete overhaul for an action-packed, over-the-top experience. Tanks, attack choppers, new weapons, and, of course, parachutes make their multiplayer debut alongside new, tighter Deathmatch arenas, kill streaks, and assisted kills. It’s Grand Theft Auto multiplayer made more intense than ever.  

 Dude, tanks. Choppers. Parachutes. Here, let me prove it to you. 
Let's be honest: Grand Theft Auto is primarily about its storyline, and about moving that engaging narrative forward with carefully interwoven gameplay. Multiplayer doesn't usually enter the equation when I think about GTA, but this stuff looks pretty good. Think it will steal your attention in this busy holiday season?
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Posted by John

Can't believe I gotta wait till freakn' January for a new box. God dammit. I wanted to race my friends for the 1500 points.

Posted by SilverArrows

There are some huge problems with the GTA Multiplayer. But the biggest one is, there is no proper feedback about where you are taking fire from. It seems very un-structured .... which is really sad, cause it had so much potential.  
Regardless, I am still going to buy TBOGT.
Posted by PhatSeeJay

Sorry but you can't use the words 'Quick Look' like that!
None the less... I'm excited.

Posted by Freebooter


Posted by TigerDX

Misappropriation of the words Quick Look in that combination and order is a violation of Giant Bomb naming conventions for front-page posts. 
I'll be expecting a formal inquiry.

Edited by FallJester

I don't think GTA IV multiplayer was that bad, just different.  I really enjoyed the ones were you stole cars and tried to stop the other teams from getting the ones with drugs, good fun!
But when I do actually download this (probably in the spring when the gaming tempo dies down a bit), it will be 95% for the single player.  I was really happy with TLAD, worth the money (Esp. the last mission!)

Posted by kennybaese

Goddamn... they better release this stuff for PS3 quick like. I want to play it. Badly.

Posted by Dethfish

This is not a Quick Look.  -_-

Posted by GreggD
@Hitchenson said:
" @Vinchenzo: It would seem most people commenting would disagree with that. "
Add another. ;)
Posted by Ramyun

Yay! A Quick....wait what?! Damn bitches...*creepy raper face*

Posted by Jeffsekai

This is not a quick look.

Posted by totally_awesome

it's gay...

Posted by Hitchenson
@totally_awesome said:
" it's gay... "
Homophobia, nice... 
Posted by Alex_Murphy

The parachutes look crazy fun.

Posted by AURON570

gah, i thought it was an actual Quick Look.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Oh GTA, if only you were fun to play. Really, you always look so cool and fun and interesting. But then I sit down with you and I just become bored and frustrated.

Posted by stinky

very cool, but not enough to make me go back in.
tanks should have been there from the start.

Posted by FrenchFriedFool
@TripMasterMunky said:
" Oh GTA, if only you were fun to play. Really, you always look so cool and fun and interesting. But then I sit down with you and I just become bored and frustrated. "
Couldn't agree more.
Posted by WholeFunShow

Thanks for the Tweet & this does fall within my interests... but it aint no Quicklook.

Posted by mikeeegeee

Super stoked about this. Also glad they're borrowing some conventions from other shooters (kill streaks, assisted kills, etc). Looks too damn fun!

Posted by Media_Master

Looks like fun!

Posted by MrKlorox

The MP was probably the weakest aspect of GTA4. It's good to see Rockstar has been putting more thought into what would make it more fun by using things that make other games fun.
My problem with it is the character movement and getting stuck on everything. If there's one thing developers should take from Brink and bring to the rest of the action genre is the fluid movement and level navigation.

Posted by target_render

yea, this looks damn fun.  Choppers, tanks AND parachutes?   I'm sold.   Double pack for me, please.

Posted by bwooduhs

I want this NOW!

Posted by PJ

Soooo... Wheres the tank screenshots?

Posted by Karmann

HEY! This ain't no QuickLook!!!

Posted by daycru

Come on guys, gotta keep consistent branding.  This is not a Quick Look!

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

Rockstar seems desperate to grab some of the COD players lol
Posted by Reverseface

I get the feeling Rockstar realised that too serious just wasn't fun. Now there back to ridiculous fun.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

So call it a quick PEEK then.  What is it with you and these misleading titles?

Posted by Brake

A minor glance maybe?

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@ChineseTea: casual gazing?
Posted by SoothsayerGB

No it wont.  Not interested in this DLC at all.  Rock Star tries to hard, to be controversial.  It's just lame. 

Posted by Metal_Mills

Dammit, I thought you meant Quick look not a quick look.

Edited by crusnchill
Or maybe you're just trying too hard to THINK they're contraversial. I mean, how is the lost and damned contraversial, outside of the standard killing people? 
The Lost And Damned was an excellent piece of DLC, worth every penny, but it wasn't exactly a whole new direction was it? Since they'd already done this game several times before. 
And based on this track record of sequals since GTA III, do you really think they give a crap about contraversy? I mean they've been sued like 14 times because of these games. 
And a douche-bag lawyer lost his ability to practice law in certain states, because the lawyer himself thought it was all contraversial, when in actual fact it was really just in line with how movies are these days. 
Anyway, I'm not a fanboy, and I believe you're entitled to your opinion. No matter how wrong it is ;-p 
Naa, just playing.
Posted by MordeaniisChaos
@FrenchFriedFool said:
" @TripMasterMunky said:
" Oh GTA, if only you were fun to play. Really, you always look so cool and fun and interesting. But then I sit down with you and I just become bored and frustrated. "
Couldn't agree more. "

OMG, people who don't like a game that is generally hit or miss, shocker. If ya don't like it, don't bitch about it unless you can prove its really as bad as YOU think. 
Looks good, but I definitely agree that the multiplayer isn't the shning star of this game. But that just means making it better is a good sign for MP guys.
Posted by Shadow

It's always weird when game reviewers say a game is "behind us" immediate when it's released at retail.  Do they really think of games as less important when they actually come out?

Posted by FrenchFriedFool
Pretty sure the comment section is for people to express their views on a topic, my views have been expressed and you've reacted as if this is herecy. (I'd like to see how either of us were bitching by the way) And as for proof, you personally admitted to the poor quality of the multiplayer aspect and you're kidding yourself if you think there's much of anything to do in Liberty City once you've finished the main storyline. GTA IV also suffers from a number of mechanical issues which are straight up fustrating a lot of the time, so hey, enjoy your proof.
Posted by Vinnylegs

So awesome. I can't wait for this now..

Posted by MeatSim

The multiplayer in GTA 4 and TLAD hasn't really held my interest but this looks promising.

Posted by SikhCuz

the last thing i was expecting was parachutes to be in multiplayer. 
tanks are going to be hell on free mode. i dont like those people on freemode who think the only point it killing. people like that have made me hone my driving and running on foot skills in GTA4. the tank will be my new ememy. also i can play james bond with the parachutes :D

Posted by pause422

I thought GTAIV mp was always rather terrible, this doesnt do anything for me.