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A Visit To id Software Circa 1993

John Romero updates his blog with some ancient video footage of id Software back when they were making Doom.

Words can not describe the awesomeness of the video John Romero posted on his blog yesterday. Essentially it's a video from the early Doom days (circa 1993) at id Software. You get a tour of the office and some behind the scenes interviews with some of the major players from Id at the time. There's some fabulously ancient talk about memory usage as well as some bad-ass MIDI tunes. Also... Aladdin on the Genesis is played.


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Posted by snide

Words can not describe the awesomeness of the video John Romero posted on his blog yesterday. Essentially it's a video from the early Doom days (circa 1993) at id Software. You get a tour of the office and some behind the scenes interviews with some of the major players from Id at the time. There's some fabulously ancient talk about memory usage as well as some bad-ass MIDI tunes. Also... Aladdinon the Genesis is played.


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Posted by andy

I've been enthralled with this video for the last 20 minutes.  Makes me miss the days of booting up Doom for the first time with jaw-dropping amazement.  Few games do this for me anymore =/

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Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Too awesome!  Watching it now.  I love learning about how games were made.

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Posted by TomA


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Posted by Double0hFor

this is rad

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Posted by LordAndrew

I should go play Doom right now.

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Posted by Coltonio7

Aladdin was an amazing game <3

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Posted by Driadon


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Posted by Ben_H

*Digs out old CD-Rom copy of DOOM*

I hope this still works.  I wanna play through it again.

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Posted by TripMasterMunky

Ah...the golden days. Back when people didn't care about analyzing games and just played them, regardless of quality.

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Posted by Crono11

Man this is awesome. It's crazy looking back on how games were made back then. Imagine how a video like this would look today.

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Posted by whospilgrim

Great post man.

Midi is goooood.
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Posted by Scooper

I can't see a video of Doom anymore and not think of Bill Gates shooting some demon.

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Posted by GiantGUS

The video is awesome.
I wish someone would post something like that from the MK Team.

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Posted by dvorak

This is completely awesome.

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Posted by JoelTGM

this is amazing.

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Posted by zityz

that was awesome to watch

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Posted by EndlessMike

Screw you faggots.

-John Ramero

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Posted by TooWalrus

Ha, I wish I grew up during an age with technical limitations...

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Posted by EdWood

Oh man does this take me back to some gaming goodness!

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Posted by Cloneslayer

welcome to the FUTURE!!!

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Posted by mikevanpwn
TooWalrus said:
"Ha, I wish I grew up during an age with technical limitations..."
We are in that age.  In 16 years the tech we have, right now, will seem limited.
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Posted by John1912

Wow, kinda makes me want to play Doom again...

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Posted by ThePelinal

This is so many different kinds of awesome.

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Posted by Captain_Fookup

Crazy, brings back memories to my first FPS.

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Posted by MarcusOfLycia

One of the fleeting goals of my life is to find/build a time machine and go back to this period so I can be involved in the process.

Too awesome.

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Posted by bulletclip6

straight country at the ID offices.

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Posted by giventofly462

"Do you ever shoot some of them and you don't shoot them good enough so they can get back up and come after you?"

Lady's thinking way ahead! How much more awesome would the game had been for that?

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Posted by Dauragon

I love hearing all the peoples reactions to the stuff going on the screen. It seems so quaint now. Like the guy going WOAAH!! THATS NEAT when he sees the light flickering in the hallways. hahahh! His mind was BLOWN!!!!

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Posted by Derachi

24:58: "Aw, chainsaws, unbelievable!"

This is the moment in this video when I realize that games are now incredibly stale, and that our innovations are just going down one linear path.

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Posted by MeatSim

This is a blast from the past.

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Posted by Jimbo_N

This is the PERFECT compliment to the book "Masters of Doom" by David Kushner. I´ve been looking forward to this video since I heard on Romero´s twitter that he was about to upload it. Without a doubt one of the most interesting videos I´ve seen.

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Posted by Mars_Cleric

i used to love aladin on the mega drive.
i never finished though

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Posted by duttyfoot

wow, i forgot they had a chain saw in doom. if you go to 24:37 you will see it. man those were the good old days of
gaming. no one was really arguing about which system was better, it was all about the games even though
the graphics were not all that incredible.

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Posted by ThomasP

I was nine when this video was taken. I remember the release of Doom. My older brother was all over it. One of those amazing games that will always have you coming back.

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Posted by Llyr

Someone likes The Zombies

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Posted by Computerplayer1

Lol man if only they knew what was to come.

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Posted by Rodiard

Damn that is awesome.  This makes me feel old.

I remember going into the local Best Buy back in the day to play the demo of Doom that was installed on one of the display machines.  It was amazing at the time.
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Posted by xionpunk

Aladdin was so awesome. Camel hopping should be in every game.

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Edited by Kr3lian

Remember kids, that was all keyboard.  No mouselook.  Cuz you couldn't aim up and down, see.

By the way...the MIDI composing part was amazing.  When they were talking about the Commander Keen intro.  This video rocks.

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Posted by ArbitraryWater

Watching these guys drool over Doom's Graphics and design blew my mind.

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Posted by Media_Master

he eh heee~!

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Posted by rargy

wow Doom is older then i thought.  I didn't play it until i got ULTIMATE Doom for christmas in 1998.. a great year.

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Posted by vaiz

Daaamn. Hella prototype E1M1.

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Posted by DJMattB241

Oh man. Every level they showed, my brain was going "oh, they changed that! and that! oh wow and that! hey cool! look at that! Hey that switch is different!"

Some would argue that I know Doom's maps too well. I'd say that I know them just the right amount. :)

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Posted by TheVoice

I just nostalgiaed so hard several of my arteries exploded and my eyes began seeing 8bit.

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Posted by FlappyHands

Hahaha, that was absolutely amazing. I loved Doom when I was a kid, although I'm probably one of the few people who played it first on SNES 'cause we didn't have a PC when I was younger. Some real insight into the game from that video, though.

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Edited by dagas

LOL he is making his own sound effects "BZHIZH! BOOM!" and they are really amazed by tha graphics. I can't even remember being so exited about games...well maybe the HL2 trailer I was all "Oh man look at the physics!" I took the trailer to my friend becuase I had to show him and we looked at and were so amazed. I wonder what will be the next thing after graphics and physics for FPS games...

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Posted by FlappyHands

@dagas: I don't think we'll ever be that stoked like we were back then about stuff like that. The huge leaps in technology have already been made; 2D to 3D, realistic physics, photo-realistic graphics and top-notch storytelling. It's all kind of been done in those departments... I think the only thing that could really blow our minds in the future is maybe like amazing AI that actually learns and isn't fake learning, but the day that happens is the day the skynet machines take over. Soooo...

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Posted by Ossi

Great video, the memories hit deep.

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