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ACE Team's Rock Of Ages Announced, Hitting In 2011

This isn't Zeno Clash, but it's still weird.

Zeno Clash was an odd bird, for sure. And it looks as if ACE Team's Rock of the Ages will follow suit, as it features a similar flavor of surreal art and an unusual meld of mechanics. 

But Rock of the Ages is not a sequel to the Zeno Clash, nor does it borrow any of the first-person brawler's concepts. It's a whole new turn-based experience that puts you behind the controls of a rolling boulder, with an end goal being the obliteration via mass of a foe's fortress.  
A little like bowling but totally not, you and an opponent will take turns rolling rocks at each other across a narrow plane. You'll be able to erect defensive structures to complicate the process, but you only get one roll per turn. 

An odd game indeed, perhaps made even odder by the gifted artists at ACE Team. But it might not be wise to expect the twisted and tortured creatures from the studio's last game--Rock of the Ages will feature art and music inspired by different eras of human expression. In the announcement trailer, for example, the level is influenced by the flat and uninspired "Gothic" period.  Rococo, Romanticism-Goya, and the Renaissance will be represented as well. 

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Rock of the Ages is due out in Spring 2011 and will be a digital title. Also, I want it bad.