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Amazon Lists 4GB Xbox 360 S Console

It's good if you like 'em small.

An increasing number of disc read errors are making me consider tossing out my eleventh Xbox 360 since the console's launch. The Xbox 360 S, the sleeker, smaller, and supposedly less-prone-to-failure console, is the natural upgrade for me. But what if I don't want to get a unit with a behemoth hard drive?

Fat chance of that question occurring to me while in a Wal-Mart. I'm both realistic and a big-time data hog. But there'll an option this fall for prospective owners without these issues: the $199 4GB Arcade SKU of the S console

A recent leak on Amazon Deutschland (spotted by Kotaku) may have nailed down one of the most important questions we have about this version of the console. In the listing, it reveals simply that the Arcade will boast 4GBs of storage.  

== TEASER ==If that space will be accommodated by flash memory or a hard drive is still unknown, and considering the surprise and early nature of this listing, it's possible that we could be looking at a fake. So, keep that in mind before you get too excited. I'll also note that the listing doesn't make mention of internal Wi-Fi or ports, including HDMI, which I've heard is the best way to connect the console to your TV.

So, yeah, carry on with your life. I probably didn't change it with this. If I did, I'm flattered, but you and I both know a 4GB S console isn't going to be your last purchase. Get the bigger hard drive version and go ahead and eliminate one of the reason you may have to re-buy down the road.
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Posted by Aaron_G

I wonder if the hard drive would then start to sell as an add-on for people who would buy this and then realize that 4GB is not a lot of space. 

Posted by MeatSim

If it is only 4 GBs this model is a waste of time.

Posted by Juicebox


it is

Posted by CrazyBagMan

@Juicebox said:


it is

Posted by TooWalrus

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