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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Is Really the Next Sequel in the Series

Ubisoft confirms what leaked marketing materials had suggested: Assassin's Creed is going full pirate.

Get ready for a million pirate-pun-heavy headlines spread out over the next several months of previews.

After leaked marketing materials from earlier this week offered up a glimpse of a potential future sequel in the Assassin's Creed franchise--one that featured a sea-faring pirate as its protagonist, no less--all we could do was wait until Ubisoft got around to confirming or denying the existence of such a game. We did not have to wait long.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft as of today. Details on the game were not provided, but the new box art (which you can see embedded here in the story) certainly confirms both the title and the piratey aesthetic. The game is currently scheduled to release later this year for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. Probably other platforms too, if we're being honest, but as of now, those four platforms are all that's been announced.

Going full on pirate makes a fair amount of sense, considering it lets the development team keep a lot of the assets and gameplay concepts found in Assassin's Creed III--especially those pertaining to nautical combat. Still, I'm not exactly sold on that subtitle. Apart from the obvious punk rock connotations, the term "black flag" is generally more associated with the anarchist movement, going all the way back to the late 1800s. The traditional black with skull-and-crossbones pirate flag is typically referred to as a Jolly Roger, though that wouldn't necessarily make for as "dark" sounding a subtitle. Of course, the black flag could be in reference to the naval combat term, also known as a "false flag," wherein ships would fly false flags to lure in enemy ships. Or maybe it's a symbol of parley, a nautical tradition wherein ships would fly a black flag to signal to would-be attackers that they wish to discuss or confer terms.

This is why you should never let me use Wikipedia before my coffee's kicked in. We'll have more on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag soon. Probably.

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Posted by Aistan

I'm actually cautiously optimistic about this. Never having played 3, I heard the boat stuff was the most enjoyable part, plus I love the Caribbean setting.

Come on, AssBoat, don't let me down.

Posted by masterfaculty

Hooray! Another once-revered series going down the annualized shitter!

Fucking video game publishing execs, man.

Posted by myslead

0 interested

didn't even finish ac3 :(

Posted by iceman228433

Oh man I love pirates I must have this game.

Posted by durden77

Is it just me, or does even just this box art alone evoke "Oh shit...AC3 didn't hit as hard as we thought it would, what what are we gonna do?!"

I feel like this could've easily been AC3 part 2, but after the the response to 3 they quickly changed it to ASSASSIN'S CREED FOUUUUUR LOOK IT'S NEWWWWW FORGET ABOUT THAT 3 JUNNNKK.

Anyway, haven't played 3 yet, and and I'm not excited for this in the slightest.

Posted by Jedted

Well i did enjoy the Naval missions in AC3. If they are seriously done with Desmond then maybe this will revitalize the franchise and get people interested again.

Posted by downtime58

This game is going to have to be something really special to get me jumping back on the bandwagon. After Revelations and III, I've got severe Assassin's burnout. I'll be curious if the developers can right the ship (so to speak) and stop the downward momentum of this series.

Posted by MikeWiz

I lost interest when 3 came out. I'm basically done with the storyline. I was hoping to finish it out, but every year with the game gets really old for me.

Posted by Skogen

Henry Rollins DLC if you preorder at Gamestop.

Posted by LarryDavis

@rebgav said:

Can I play as Henry Rollins? No? Fuck this noise.

This was my first thought, exactly. Better be day-one free DLC.

Posted by ajamafalous

@dark_lord_spam said:

Will Assassin's Creed's Newest Lead be Able to Find His Sea Legs, or Will Fans Blow the Man Down?

by Alex Navarro


Edited by Zleunamme

Another Assassins Creed game, I've already fallen behind since playing the second one. It safe to assume that Ubisoft runs a developer sweatshop. Churning one Assassins Creed game after another.

Posted by Triumvir

@rebgav said:

Can I play as Henry Rollins? No? Fuck this noise.

Someone needed to say it.

Edited by ChosenOne

I'm excited for the entertainment this will provide in the form of the inevitable quick look, podcast discussion, possible TNT and/or Unprofessional Friday coverage, but I haven't had interest in actually playing an Assassin's Creed game since AC2.

Posted by Patman99

I don't understand why they want to release a new Assassin's Creed game every 12 months. I would prefer if the developers could take a little longer and make a great game rather than an 'ok' game. I feel that the reason Brotherhood was so good was because they took their time and properly developed the ACII world.

Posted by Druminator

Way too soon. Couldn't they just make this a DLC?

Posted by InfamousBIG


Edited by downtime58

@neokef said:

@rebgav said:

Can I play as Henry Rollins? No? Fuck this noise.

They need to make a modern-day Henry Rollins as assassin, Assassin's Creed, with Danzig as a Templar.

Actually, I would just settle for a Henry Rollins face-punch simulator. Make that game Ubisoft.

Posted by bushlemon

How do people play a new one of these every year?

Posted by XChairmanDrekX

Another Assassins Creed game, I've already fallen behind since playing the second one. It safe to assume that Ubisoft runs a developer sweatshop. Churning one Assassins Creed game after another.

This is how I feel as well. You have to imagine the developers of these games just being completely creatively drained. Probably bored the fuck out the their minds, churning out yet another one of these. It's been showing in the later ACs, and considering this one is shipping this year, it will undoubtedly show again. AC really needs a long break or a reboot at this point. Or maybe let the team work on a new IP.

Posted by MonsoonMox

How do people play a new one of these every year?

Scrolling through these comments I guess I'm the only one that actually, genuinely liked ACIII. It was no Brotherhood, sure, but I dug it. And the naval stuff was great I'm all for more of that.

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Could have sworn I read after AC3 there'd be a break so much for that. I love the AC series but after the letdown ending in 3 I'm not ready to join this mans band of pirates so soon.

Edited by Scratch

@bushlemon: The same way they play a new COD every year. I admit it's not the same thing, but really if it sells they'll keep making them.

They'll eventually run the franchise to ground and hope that Watch_Dogs does well enough to replace it in the new generation.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Unfortunately for a game that centralizing itself around naval warfare it has to have the unfortunate name of Assassin's Creed IV. Why won't Ubisoft let this series go?

Posted by JackSukeru

I have no immediate interest in this, this saddens me somewhat.

Edited by Will_M

Whoa whoa whoa, PS3 gets a whole 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay? So everyone else just gets forced to fast travel eh?

Edited by EthanML

Never thought I would feel dread for an entry in this series like I do right now. Way, way too soon, especially after how 3 turned out, and already has gross shit like that exclusive 60 minutes thing plastered on it. No thank you.

Posted by kerikxi

This just really makes me want a new Sid Meier's Pirates. Sigh.

Posted by squidraid

@triumvir said:

@rebgav said:

Can I play as Henry Rollins? No? Fuck this noise.

Someone needed to say it.

Can I play as Sean Hastings?

...What? Stop looking at me like that.

Posted by Gerhabio

Where are my Chinese pirates?!

Edited by gbrading

Assassin's Creed characters change, yet on the box art they look exactly the same...

Posted by Funkydupe

Getting old, UbiSoft.

Edited by Supertom11

Stop Whining!

If you don't like it then don't buy it. Everyone has been complaining about the AC series for years now and AC3 sold like 12 million copies.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Gross. This won't end well.

Edited by Slax

While the boat parts were awesome, I still want better cities to run around in. Flat cities in AC III were part of what made that game less enjoyable to me.

Posted by ZeForgotten

Just put Naval Combat in to Multiplayer and I will be happy. I said it would be a kickass idea (for me) for AC3 too, and even Gabe knows about it! (the Ubisoft version of Gabe, not the Valve one)

8v8 naval combat. 8 guys on one ship, 8 on the other.
On steers the ship others handles cannons, sails and all that stuff (NPCs too, of course)

Just make that happen, dang it.

Posted by blueinferno


Posted by ShaggE

Not what I was hoping for, but I'm sure I'll get my Victorian Assassin's Creed sooner or later.

Posted by Heartagram

@rebgav said:

Can I play as Henry Rollins? No? Fuck this noise.


Edited by Kohe321

If there is a Jack Sparrow character model for preorders I'm in.


Posted by dukesideofthemoon

Is this going to introduce another Animus test-subject like Desmond or will you be playing as one of the people who hacked Desmond's brain into the Animus? I am hoping for a no Animus game personally.

Posted by slowbird

So it's about an assassin who gets a black flag because his race car is a hazard to the other competitors and he has to use stealth to fix the car without losing time in the pits?

Posted by suprspecialawsm

Man, really? Remember when this series looked like it might end someday? So fucking done with assassins creed.

Edited by Shaunage

Six Assassin's Creed games this generation. SIX.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Considering I smartly stopped at Brotherhood, I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.

Edited by Dan_CiTi

Thank God the Desmond stuff is gone, hopefully this game is 100% historical setting, the Desmond stuff should have never been in the games in the first place.

Anyway, fucking hilarious name. I'm down for Pirate's Creed. AC3 was pretty fun, and imagine this will be the "Brotherhood" of that game, essentially downplaying big story beats for more polish and deeper gameplay systems.

@kerikxi said:

This just really makes me want a new Sid Meier's Pirates. Sigh.

Oh shit what of instead of having a little JRPG Town/Homestead where you recruit and do missions for them, you go around and do that with your ship and you got to different little islands too to find them and do missions and stuff.

Edited by Slique

I think the only way Ubisoft can win me over with a new Assassin's Creed game is if all the assassinations occur through insult swordfighting.

Posted by marchismo

Cool, I really hope that those 60 minutes involve sailing around the ocean digging up pieces of a treasure map or something.

Posted by RoyaleWifCheese


Edited by Fram

I skipped Revelations due to it's proximity to Brotherhood, which I loved. Was holding out hope for AC3, but let it slide in favour of other games that came out at the time.

Now I see this, and something about it seems off. This should have been AC3: Black Flag.

This is nitpicky shit, but the red text subtitle treatment is getting tired, and seems ill-fitted to the setting. The fact that the "IV" is so small in the title - like it's just another Assassin's Creed episode - seems minor, but to me it indicates that this series has lost all sense of direction. The numbered sequels should be the big time period shifts, with the side stories/spinoffs in between.

All this, coupled with the hackneyed "closure" of the Desmond storyline in AC3 (I youtubed it) doesn't really instil me with confidence in the series going forward. "Assassin's Creed Pirates" SHOULD have me super excited, but I look at that cover art and shrug.

I never thought I'd say this given how much I loved AC2 and Brotherhood, but I think I'm over this series.