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Behind The Scenes: Endurance Run's 50th Episode

There's more drama then you'd expect in the golden anniversary of our Persona 4 endurance run.

Needing to make use of my recently purchased handheld camera, I thought it would be fun to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage of Jeff and Vinny's 50th Endurance Run episode. For those just catching up, our two helpless Americans have been battling the awkwardness of Persona 4, a somewhat unique Japanese RPG released for the PS2, each and every day.  The 50th episode went smoothly enough except for one thing... the nearly 30 gig movie file got corrupted somehow in a transfer between Drew and Vinny's machines. What is shown in the video below is an absolutely real account of what happened that day. Ask what you will of us... for some reason, these things just happen. We're hoping things will work out in the end, but who knows.


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