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Beyond Good & Evil HD Hitting PlayStation Network In May

And you'll get free stuff for buying fast.

A couple of weeks ago, Beyond Good & Evil HD debuted on Xbox Live Arcade as a part of Microsoft’s “House Party” promotion. Now that the party is over, Ubisoft is talking about the re-release’s impending PSN launch window. Expect to see a sharper-looking Jade and friends at some point this May, according to a recent PlayStation blog post

In a cool twist, Ubisoft is set to offer PSN users a special bonus if they jump on the game fast-like: a purchase within the first two weeks of the game’s appearance on the network will reward them with a Jade and a Pey’J PSN card avatar, like so:  

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The stealth segments in the later portions of the game are terrible, but as a whole, BG&E HD actually manages to hold up. I think, at least, that it’s worth your time if you didn’t catch the game when it first hit, but I’ve got a big ol' soft spot for games that do the Zelda formula well. Who's in for this one on the PS3?