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Bit.Trip Saga Collects Every Bit.Trip Game onto a Single Cart--And Makes 'Em 3D

Gaijin Games retro-tastic WiiWare series comes to a platform you might want to play them on.

I cannot express how happy this makes me, you guys. If you haven't played any of Gaijin Games' Bit.Trip games on WiiWare--ARGH. But I can't really blame you. Even as someone who regularly boots up their Wii to play WiiWare games (they exist!), it takes some effort to do so. That said, the Bit.Trip games are phenomenal pixel adventures that treat apply the right amount of nostalgia to modern mechanics.

Aksys Games, Gaijin Games' publisher-in-crime for the Bit.Trip games, announced this afternoon the companies are collecting all six of the Bit.Trip games--Beat, Core, Void, Runner, Flux, Fate--onto a single 3DS cart called Bit.Trip Saga

Yep, 3DS, meaning those beautiful retro graphics are also grabbing a new dimension.


Right, sorry. Unfortunately, I don't know when any of us will be playing Bit.Trip Saga, as Aksys Games did not attach a release date to this extradimensional compilation, but one (mememe) hopes it's not far off.    
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