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Call In Sick: It's The Second Annual Big Live Live Show: Live!

It all kicks off TOMORROW, September 9th, at 10AM Pacific Time!

Hard to believe it's already been a whole year since the last one of these, huh? Well, despite the deep, deep psychic scars that last year's show left, we're doing it all over again for 2011! The Second Annual Whiskey Media Big Live Live Show: Live! is the one time of year that the Whiskey Media family of websites--including Comic Vine, Tested, Screened, and, of course, Giant Bomb--set aside our ongoing and convoluted blood feuds and put on an action-packed day-long variety show for you, our absolute favorite people in the world. We'll have special guests old and new, musical interludes, live game demos, surprises, ridiculousness, and more! In case you missed last year, or have simply blocked out all memory of it as a defense mechanism, here's a quick taste:

So why, pray tell, would we put ourselves through this all over again? In part because, as much as we all joke about how stressful and terrifying the notion of putting on a day-long live show with dozens of segments, guests from across the country, and literally thousands of ways in which it could all go completely, horribly wrong, the show itself is actually a complete blast. We hope it also provides compelling evidence that Whiskey Media produces content that's worth signing up for our premium memberships, the benefits of which we'll be expanding on for their second year.

A typical Whiskey Media premium member, relaxing at home.
A typical Whiskey Media premium member, relaxing at home.

Hopefully you've made yourself familiar with the exciting, all-hours randomness of the Big Red Phone. We'll also be extending our HD video offerings to the living room via native apps for Boxee, Roku, XBMC, and Plix, producing daily, exclusive, members-only video content across the network, providing $15 vouchers for the soon-to-be freshly expanded Whiskey Media Store, and much much more! Sign up or make sure your existing premium membership is up-to-date, or you might just miss out on the exclusive members-only stream during the Big Live Live Show: Live!

So call in sick. Cancel that date. You didn't really need to see the dentist anyway! It starts at 10AM Pacific Time, and goes until the goddamn wheels fall off!