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Capcom Unveils Hack-And-Slash Asura's Wrath

Spears? Check. Big red muscly dude? Check. Space Buddha finger? Check.

At its TGS 2010 press conference earlier this morning, Capcom lifted the lid on a sizzling, fantasy-infused hack-and-slash title called Asura's Wrath. It's being crafted, according to 1UP, by Naruto creators Cyber Connect 2 and will see a release on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

What can be gleaned about the title must be taken from the game's trailer, which is provided for your viewing pleasure just below. In the game, it appears as if you'll control a giant red dude who can take spears through the lung and still dispense bloody justice against oodles and oodles of foes with ease.  
As you might surmise from his neglect to react to injury, red dude is sort of a tough guy, and the game looks to play that aspect up. In the trailer, you'll notice him picking up a rather large pillar and swinging it about at will. You'll also see him summon armageddon via Buddha finger. I don't get it either, but I like it.

The game's engine is Unreal 3, if the startling amount of muscled dudes didn't tip you off. But despite nailing the engine and platforms, Capcom hasn't yet indicated when the game will be released. 

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