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Carmine Might Actually Live Through Gears of War 3

I can't believe you voted like this. I don't think we can be friends anymore.

Epic Games still doesn't know if Carmine will live or die in Gears of War 3, but early results from the Fate of Carmine campaign indicate that the brother will be allowed to live.
Just before Comic-Con, Microsoft and Epic Games unveiled a hip contest that gives fans a vote in the matter of whether a new Carmine will survive his grand Gears 3 adventure. Two different Carmines have bit the dust in the previous Gears releases.

A digital t-shirt purchase on the avatar marketplace is the only way to decide his fate. Those who want Carmine to eat it need to buy a cute "Carmine Must Die" shirt. Those who want him to live, which is the more popular of the two right now, need to buy a subdued "Save Carmine" shirt before the campaign closes on September 2, 2010.
On the official Gears 3 website, Microsoft is calling the race "close," meaning it's still possible to get Carmine's head knocked in proper-like. Regardless of where we fall on the Carmine life/death thing, though, it's important to remember that all the proceeds of this contest will be going to Child's Play, a neat charity that gives sick kids game-related stuff. Who knew a character's death could be so beneficial?
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Posted by JoelTGM

Oh and I think Carmine should die.  That was just one of the things to look forward to in a Gears of War game.  Someone explain, what is the fun in saving him? 

Posted by LiquidPrince

They shouldn't announce the results and just wait for everyone to play the game to find out.

Posted by HatKing
@Trifork89 said:

Part of the old Carmines charm to me was that they were just rookies who wanted to help fight locust for the greater good and i was always sort of hoping that they'd make it out alive just to keep a more humorous or light hearted vibe to the story, now that this new Carmine falls into the same generic meat head category as all the other gears i really don't give a shit one way or the other if he lives or dies.. the inherent greenhorn vibe we got from the old carmine was a nice contrast to the other 4 dudes who only change slightly in appearance and are basically roid raging fuck heads.


Thank you for saying exactly what I would had I not seen your post.
Posted by BraveToaster

I want him to live, I hope Dom dies.

Posted by Mr_Faraday

The Carmines have been the only interesting characters in this series and it always bothered me that they were treated as jokes. Im hoping that Carmine lives and most of the main characters die it will be the only way ill enjoy this one.
Posted by SSValis
@Axxol said:
" I want him to live, I hope Dom dies. "
this thank you
Posted by Crackdown76

What the fuck! That whiny fucknut should always die.

Posted by ErikSchroder

He should live, it would make a more satisfying ending to the trilogy.

Posted by SuperJmad

Kill Carmine! I don't want the first Carmine that survives to be wearing a metal tank top! The damn Locusts stole all the sleeves!

Posted by C0V3RT

If you haven't voted yet, think of poor Momma Carmine! 
Save Carmine!

Posted by ShadowKiller

This carmine looks tank, nevertheless I can't decide if he should live or die  >,>

Posted by Shadow

I've been saying since the beginning that there are 2 Carmine brothers left.  One will die immediately and the other will be the ultimate badass.

Posted by FieryPayne

I say let him live. He died in all the other ones. how about some diversity people.

Posted by RiotBananas

Dom must die.

Posted by Uberjannie

Carmine deserves to live this time!
Already bought the shirt :)

Posted by Rampage
@RiotBananas said:
" Dom must die. "
Posted by PureRok

The Carmines were the only characters I ever liked in any of the Gears of War games. I hope this one lives.

Posted by something_clevar

What a fucking load of retarded bullshit. God dammit.

Posted by Satsugai

If they survive. I hope there's a Samus Aran reveal at the end where the helmet comes off and they find out he's the beefiest lady on the planet.

Posted by Otzlowe
@yevinorion said:
" Carmine must die. For it to be any other way is just ludicrous. Someone has to die for there to be some of that "Oh shit people are really getting killed" in the story, and if not Carmine, then who? "
Someone who matters, please. Preferably someone in the main cast. Carmine getting killed doesn't really have that effect anymore, considering that his name is basically a red shirt. 
It would be much cooler if he turned around and saved their asses at least once. I would certainly enjoy that more than him falling down a pit or something.
Posted by Blandperson4444

I just think it would be appropriate that the only person who wears a helmet should be more likely to survive. But this is the 3rd game and didn't Carmine #2 say there were 4 of them in Gears of war 2?

Posted by DoctorTran
@Toms115 said:
" i hope carmine survives, for once. i don't want him to save the day or anything, that would be far too predictable, but i'd love to see him redeem the family name. "
Mother fucking this.
Posted by BergDK

If Carmine doesn't die? I want to see Cole die a horribly painful pathetic wimpy death!

Posted by ArchScabby

You idiots who want him to live are idiots.

Posted by Apathylad
@jakob187 said:

So let me understand this - part of the game will continue to remain incomplete because of the undecided fate of Carmine... the sequel to a game where the multiplayer was broken and unbalanced as fuck? 
Personally, I think Epic needs to focus on making sure Gears 3 is a solid game from top to bottom rather than whether Carmine dies or not. 
I'm all for money going to Child's Play, but still...

You know, I don't think any reviews pointed out that the multiplayer was like that. I remember the game getting a lot of patches significantly changing stuff. 
Posted by Maxsplat

Either way there should be  way to play it where you see how he "should have" died or lived to the end. 

Posted by Jenkinson

Carmine is  good character but why bring him back, why not leave him on the computers or something like that, after all that how can he be still in action :s

Posted by Alcamin
@DoctorTran said:
" @Toms115 said:
" i hope carmine survives, for once. i don't want him to save the day or anything, that would be far too predictable, but i'd love to see him redeem the family name. "
Mother fucking this. "
I'll drink to that. Save Carmine and restore family honour!
Posted by Brown_Wasp

If Carmine lives that would be a real sick twist in the story but if he doesn't die it just wouldn't be the Gears story I know and love. And if that hardcore guy choking a drone is the new Carmine, then he looks so freaking hardcore!