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Chair's Next Game Features...Obama And Romney?

Partnership with Rock the Vote, others fueling goofy political fighting game.

In just a little while, the next game from Chair Entertainment will be available on the iOS App Store, in which you’ll finally get to live out your fantasy of, um, a boxing match between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

It’s called VOTE!!!! The Game.

Yes, it really has does have four exclamation points.

It’s a goofy partnership with the well-intentioned Rock the Vote folks, who work each election cycle to encourage voter turnout, so it’s hard to say too much about it, one way or the other. Chair has also partnered with the Video Game Voters Network and Project Vote Smart to connect players with relevant information for this year’s election.

And even though Infinity Blade is more popular than Shadow Complex multiple times over, I refuse to characterize today’s news as “from the developers of Infinity Blade,” if only to encourage Chair Entertainment to finally make Shadow Complex 2.

VOTE!!!! The Game is already live in some territories (click this link to check yours), and should be available for everyone within the next day or so.


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Posted by ArbitraryWater

@MrKlorox said:

@ArbitraryWater said:

@MrKlorox said:

Such a waste of developer. This is the type of shit I'd expect from the people who made Advent Rising or a shitty swipe based iphone "game". Fuck you, Epic, for keeping Chair a one-hit-wonder.

Ironic, given that Chair was founded by the lead designer of Advent Rising.

That was an intentional reference.

Yeah, realized that a second after posting. Whatevs. I agree.

Posted by theanticitizen
@Video_Game_King 月語?!ダメよ!冗談だ。月語大丈夫よ。
Edited by Video_Game_King


Awesome. Wait. I forgot about the translators on my end. Besides, it's not like you would even be able to read what I'm writing.

Posted by alcor741

@BaconGames said:

@Doctorchimp said:

Is P Diddy involved with this game?

Sadly even if Chair went through the trouble to make a Vote or Die game, I feel like the reference is just too old at this point.

Is Seth Green involved in this game?

Edited by xyzygy

This game looks completely stupid and it'll only be relevant from now until November in one country. What are they thinking?

I suppose it is a mobile game though...

Posted by ThePickle


Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials


Posted by theanticitizen
@Video_Game_King Yeah 5 years of studying Japanese and my understand of kanji is still the worst.
Posted by ChrisTaran

And I once thought Chair showed so much promise with Shadow Complex. Ah well.

Posted by LordAndrew

This game had better not be a US-only release. People from all countries deserve the opportunity to beat up Obama and Romney.

Posted by MightyDuck

I can only hope that Ross Perot ends up being DLC.

Posted by LoggerRythm

Something tells me that Shadow Complex 2 is probably never happening.

Seriously, if they have them working on stupid crap like this...... sad face.

Posted by Gamer_152

This is an unpredictable release, I'll give 'em that. Video games are weird.

Posted by Evercaptor

Shadow Complex 2 would be real cool to play. Needs an Inverted Castle though. I wanna 200.6% dat ass.

Edited by aceofspudz

When the revolution comes...well, Zynga will be the first in line. But Chair will be in there somewhere. It'll be like that board game Guillotine, except with game developers.

Posted by MorkaiTheWolf

Gee wilikers! I can finally beat a virtual Mitt Romney with a virtual Barack Obama! All my dreams have finally come true. </sarcasm>

Posted by JasonR86


Posted by LarryDavis

Is Stack Stackhouse playable?

Posted by Cincaid

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seriously, where the fuck is Shadow Complex 2? :(

Posted by McDayman

@Jams: Because Amurica.

Posted by MeatSim

Come talk to me Chair when your done making iOS games.

Posted by Zereta

So I downloaded and decided to play a fair amount of Vote!!!!

Its... alright. Infinity Blade Light, essentially.And its kinda awesome that I can play as Obama in a patriot suit beating Romney up with a rubber chicken.

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